To tip or not? Reply

As you read from what Wikipedia has compiled countries like Japan and Australia prohibit such. Many countries are very low tip expecting countries. But there are many not just the USA which demand or expect large tips in many different kind of services. I don’t have experience in many countries, but I have lived for 7 years in US and Japan and have been to close to 500 cities in US/India and Japan. SO I really have first hand experience of what tip means in these 3 countries. More…

Searching for the “unparticle” and other new physics at Amherst College Reply

Searching for the “unparticle” and other new physics at Amherst College.

A new force which if exists would be weaker than gravity force which to-date is the weakest force known in nature. This new hypothetical force being a millionth of the strength of gravity would be equivalently scaled to an Universe 1 million the size of present gravity based Universe if their magnitude are equated (either hypothetically or by natural phenomena). That means if natural phenomena equates their magnitude, then this new force would mean our Universe isn’t as big as we think it is today but a million times bigger than even that. Could it also lead to a Universe which is big and dark, through the emanations of dark interactions of which this is a signature .. well that is not known.

The photon saga. 2

5. Photon is a zero mass particle (not a zero rest mass particle) and its deflection in gravitational field, called gravitational lensing is due to two reasons; i. single photon effective mass is due to the definite energy and momentum of the same. ii. multiple photons have non-zero invariant mass, hence they behave like any ordinary particle with mass, bends under gravity therefore, in both cases.

6. talk about inertial or non-inertial frames hardly does complicacy (unless its a particle with mass, hence further degrees of trade-off in phase space) especially if you are dealing in terms of energy and not force etc. Which is why Physics is formulated on higher parameters like energy and action, from where these concepts do not make difference. Energy is already integrated and having an acceleration on every instant has already been taken into consideration.


Status of my websites. Reply

I do not have any more websites except perhaps tumblr which I haven’t visited for months its a free site and mapped from other websites. Social media is a dependent on our free labor and makes us work hard for it, but has been somewhat useful for publicity of my websites. If you have liked reading stuff say yay.

Empire Avenue score is haircut. You take so long to grow the scores like hair, a week of inactivity sees it all to the floor. More…

The principle of equivalence as Einstein knows it was also how Galileo would have !! Reply

The principle of equivalence as Einstein knows it was also how Galileo would have known!!

In a recent (although not quite quite recent) I wrote an article of how the concept of “Principle of Equivalence” is fairly misunderstood and misrepresented. In that or a related article the proof that the PoE (of GR as is usually said) follows from Principle of Least and/or Stationary Action (PoSA) was performed by me. (like a bolt from sky, I thought it, proceeded to prove it and it happened, which is why I am often a fan of making outrageous comments in Physics and most times they turn out true as far as I know, but sometimes grave silly mistakes might occur which obviously I own up but do not stick by, in other words would correct as soon as I would spot them or as soon as I can review and fix them) I also stated that PoE is directly related to Energy Conservation Principle (perhaps for the reason of PoSA, as PoSA is the central formalism of all of Physics, including QMech) That later is also obvious from the fact that PoE is actually a statement that KE and PE are but the equivalent forms of energy. The amount are not equal but equivalence means some part of one (A) is equal to another (B) in that scale, for all parts of one (A) or the other (B). More…

What to do if you have diabetes !! Reply

So I walked, regularly, ate healthy and making sure not jumping 800 calorie except exceptionally and slept well and in time and in 2 weeks my fasting level saw a drop of 130, back to the level of normal. I planned to check it sooner but haven’t been able to, although its less than 4 weeks since I last tested normal. So I will soon do that. If you have diabetes or someone who you know does you can explain him this or pass this if he is capable of reading this.

Thanks. More…