Trollish Arse and the art of trashy-rhetorics Reply

“Why are there so many crackpots when it comes to science or even anything intellectual? Because its difficult to be correct and easy to be wrong. Most people are wrong without knowing it because they chose the wrong. [in the context of Higgs Boson: eg If they had taken difficulties they would have become Peter Higgs by now. But they gave up, became incorrect and fizzled out.]”

an excerpt from a discussion on Facebook.

Manmohan Dash: Sheila Whitaker and Anonymous: Energy is not the most basic, it would be action which is the time integral of energy. Action is the total amount of force present in space-time. Energy is only the force present in space and not in time.

Branko Radoš: May be distortion of the geometry of empty space in the multi-dimensionality of our environment gives the effect of the existence of energy, particles and time.
Manmohan Dash‎ @Branko Rados; particles are ripples of field/force/energy and field/force/energy are functions of space and time and there are at-least 4 dimensions of space-time as we can verify now
Branko Radoš: Yes i know, but in lower scale, field, force, energy and time is distortion of multidimensional space.
Manmohan Dash: no you don’t know
Branko Radoš: lol
Manmohan Dash: your both statements are flawed in the formal language of physics.
Manmohan Dash: “but in lower scale, field, force, energy and time is distortion of multidimensional space.” should be >> “but in lower scale, field, force, energy are distortion of multidimensional space and time
Manmohan Dash: here is the general idea in much simpler way
“Particles such as electrons are ripples or waves of field/force/energy and field/force/energy are functions of space, time and their derivatives and integrals. [in-fact force/field and energy are itself integrals over space or time of their derivatives] Basically differential equations are obtained because derivatives and integrations are involved and when the solution is obtained from a differential equation that is valid for both waves and particles, these solutions represent these particles which are also ripples or waves.” 
Manmohan Dash: here is a general formalism of Physics [somewhat technical at times, but I guess you will get it ]
Branko Radoš: Sound interesting, but, hmm function of  the flow of time, seems the same as the result of multidimensional distortion in one way, but clearly not to say that there could be different.
Manmohan Dash: what I told you is the basic formalism of Newtonian Physics, Relativity Physics and Quantum Mechanics and there is only one way where you have “traversing space = distance“, “traversing/passage/flow of time = time/duration” their differentials or increments, their integrals = energy, force etc. When you have all these you have relations among these that are called equations of motion. You solve them for x, t etc and get e.g. energy in terms of x and t. So there is absolutely no confusion or different way here. Since energy is a function of space and time which are 4-dimensional the distortion you are talking about is the disturbance/ripple or wave. These are also particles because the solution satisfies Schrödinger equation. Hence ripples are of space time and higher order derivatives etc.
The comments below of anonymous depicts how careless and virulent the commenter is. I know nothing but shout at the top of my tone and want to supply idiotic and fact-less arguments against whats known and practised by the most formal frameworks of modern Physics. [Virulence: The ability of an agent of infection to produce disease]

The irreverent style in which the dots are sprayed just tells they are here for a reason, to gain some machismo by creating malicious environ. As I said virulent. But I will take some dots away so it at-least looks somewhat organized. They were typed randomly which is when you just want the others to believe you are some kind of great geek. Actually I got a message about this fellow who I will call Anonymous [I know his name, but what good] or Mr Fool as conscience permits me: this fellow is a crackpot and everyone knows this. But when you are running a good discourse on something such fellas just waiting at some corner to create virulent atmosphere.

Anonymous: Good morning everyone … What fun … Mr. Dash … If I may … I believe you have been spinning your wheels a  bit … The Higgs question … relates to mass … As to dimensions perhaps a mirror could … reflect … the true nature of how many there are or … are not … Mr. Dash … A very smart man once said … If you can’t explain it in a simple way … You don’t understand it … The language of Physics often throws many people off … When I was a young boy … Some friends and I created our own language … so only we would know what we were talking about … I could use it now if you like. I would hope we can keep it simple enough so everyone can play … and understand the debate / talk we’re having … Our … I could write a large book on how to cross the street if you like … And make it very … complicated … As for energy … you can’t have … ” action ” without it … Or for that matter .. mass … And Sheila Whitaker … Albert … who I love … Only got part of it right … String Theory … explains the rest … If I made any spelling mistakes please pardon me … I’m  working on my first cup of coffee still / energy … ~*

Manmohan Dash: Mr Fool [not said actually] you talk way too much than you know and its quite clear that you know shit in Physics. You just sound to arbiter people than read the discussion and there are a few others in my 3 years on Facebook I have seen. You can perhaps also search on the web a difference between Feynman, Albert who you love to talk about and you “a no name”. [I would not have said it if I remotely had sensed that you know any basic physics let alone any advance methods of it]. And to satisfy your criteria Einstein: “things can’t be made any simpler than they are” not because a fool want it, that so much more. “Higgs question relates to mass.” Yeah thats what you hear, but I work in  these labs to find out exactly how. [not just Higgs] And energy and mass are only two different variables which are equivalents in the language of maths and physically nobody differentiates these as long as the diagrams that represent any such is under the scanner. You know nothing about particle physics either do you? I have worked for decades for particle physics and the point is “I don’t wanna take advise from a no name in Physics, it would help only of you know some so that I can run even a rational thought in my mind” Its very simply although somewhat technical [technical to the extent that it can at-least be, energy, action and force are very basic in physics don’t ask to simplify them on Facebook, I had linked my detailed article on this from my website and I am sure you haven’t read it] As for complicating the physics discussion here I don’t know what to say, because it has been really simplified . You have action which if you differentiate you get energy and if you integrate the energy [called Lagrangian now] wrt time you get action. It shows how shallow your knowledge about all this is since you say “as for energy you can’t have action without it”. You say so because you don’t understand high school maths, derivatives and integrations are to be found from each other, not one way round. I hope you understand now what direction you took the discussion to. And it was not just about Higgs but as pointed out by  Brancko about ripples in space-time , from which the discourse started.

Mr Fool: Well … Mr. Dash … Don’t you have a pencil up your tight little ass … As with most arrogant fools like yourself … Your clueless about what I do our don’t know … As for what I do know about … Physics … I can see I’ve forgotten a lot more then you knowAnd that ant much … You sink to the classic form of an over inflated clown who is on the wrong end of what was a friendly debate until you came alone … You have the classic problem … You can’t  … ” PROVE ” … all your BSI can and have many time … With many more … “Educated ” … then you … You did do a great job of proving your … Just another arrogant asshole with a pencil in it … So bugger off dick head if you can’t be polite !

So the fool thinks whats the formalism of Physics written and proved million times in 1000s of text book I have to prove it again and its my BS. Anyway can’t dwell too much on fools. But just wanted to catch this amazing fool. Helps. [because we are not here promoting ourselves through some suave everyday conversation, as a physicist I and many around the world are working our arses off to bring the best that can be passed to the community/audience. ]

So upon such atrocious and virulent responses I thought I would use some of my trash-rhetorics. I wrote but stopped myself and did not post what I thought. But I see that I am a visionary. Several hours later I am writing this so you can read this. Not the first time or just in morning time when someone on Facebook used such malicious/abusive thoughts against me. Has happened 4 or 5 times at-least. When you say something that deeply throws off disagreement at someone’s strongly held prejudice they start such attacks. Man is a strange animal. One time someone started saying something abusive because some folks believe everything Ambedkar says is sacrosanct. Educated people don’t say much abusive language but they start to become really angry if something is said that does not cut with what they believe to be true: say it on Gandhi or even Budha or just about anybody, lets say Amir Khan, they will start throwing stones at you. Whats fucking wrong with you? Why are you wasting your time in protecting a dead soul? Couple times they started abusing when I tried to explain a physics concept or just wanted the other person to be a little clear. This is what you do: “yeah so you are saying “…”. Is that impolite language? The other person starts spraying his abusive bullets. But why? Anyway. Oh yeah one time a guy just came like that and started saying hipster words. Ofcourse they don’t realize one thing, their fun must not come from another person’s wallet. But then we can’t expect anything about the world can we. If any I would expect the world to be flat so I don’t have to spend energy.

SO here is what I would have told him except I didn’t but its funny so I am sharing with you.

“Hey son of a ** you think you are really good at that pencil up the ass joke? Here is some for ya. [and now I notice this guy’s English is so rotten, did he get that from a heap of used condoms?] You should have died within your mother’s womb. This is how. When you were being born and trying to take an exit to the outside world your mother was getting d** around in all holes. So you could not come out and died inside. asshole”

Some bonus: if you like to read.

Its not Physics Department’s problem if people don’t understand Maths. It becomes then everyone’s. [If it can come from Maths and rest on Physics won’t it wake up ever and go around the town? the problem? even to politics or vegetablenism?]

Everyone thinks Energy is the quantity that decides everything in Physics. But thats so not true. It would be action which is the time integral of energy. Action is the total amount of force present in space-time. Energy is only the total force present in space and not in time. Also Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics are based on formalism of Action and not Energy, in general. In particular… or less general cases of-course you can deal with the physical systems by Energy. In-fact someday we may need higher definitions such as integrals of action [which can now only be integrated over speed or acceleration] for better physical understanding. I call the integration wrt speed traction and the latter integral wrt acceleration attraction. Anyway traction and attraction are not today’s formalism and one needs serious theoretical developments. for this.
Modern Physics started as differential equation and serves as everyone’s pep talk. Even those who hardly understand a differentiation from integration. Which is fun. Because the world is saying you can’t keep us away from the fun just because its mathematics. Put some oil in the fire and make it even look like a God or something, but everyone loves to talk about something that everyone else is talking about. Lest we are all too lonely a planet.

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