Om Hling Kling Sibaya

When I was a kid .. “we use to hear” this popular phrase .. tantric hymn “oouum hling kling shwaha”

Now I know its meaning. Oouum is obviously made up in recent times. [ofcourse might have had a correspondence to ancient times]

hling kling is hayang kayang which is perhaps a connotated way to “anga kalinga”

Thats because of the ocean side somastic kingdoms of Kalinga and anga? see hai and kai are ocean [hai is Chinse, kai is Japanese, yang/gang/yan etc are fire hence Sun/Soma/ .. the sun dynasty] The civilizations were established by Somastic Kings in the Ocean front [eg Puri, Konark, Bhubaneswar, Kalinganagar of Andhra Pradesh] So basically these were all bishnu/budha/agni/shiba civilizations. [brahma the 4-head is the understanding of all that, its man+shiba+bishnu+budha]

As I explained yesterday human beings and Gods are a representation of energy of various kinds. Energy is the unified understanding of elemental divisions of nature. Hence male yang female ying. yang is Chinese: sun a source of indomitable energy. [which is where English: young derives] But yan and yin would be fire, a source of untendable energy. Hence Sun is Bishnu, perennial source of energy, the nurturist, most powerful, can not be vanquished, hence ajita, ajitya, aditya. But fire is good and bad. Its directly accessible by mankind. Its shiba. [shihuo is Chinese: fire] It can destroy you or be a beneficial source of energy: hence kalyana-sundara is shiba. [worshipped in Andhra Pradesh?]

The name Andhra [and andhera/andhara=darkness] actually comes from agni=fire/light. aindhara = agnidhara = gangadhara = shiba.  

What can be light can be dark when its inactive. A failed shiba means darkness. [duality and nonduality are sides of the same coin, hence. eg question denoter can be an affirmation or negation depending on how its used, yes? yes. ]

so we have “oouumm hayan kayan shihuo” [it might have been coined recently from its purported phonetics of the past. shibaya and swaha are merely a variation of shihuo = flame or shiba ]

In similar terms as I explained yesterday: Budha is butsu=bustu = matter. We are all made of matter and energy can be properly used or not. So all 3 Hindu Gods:   Shiba, Bishnu, Budha [By Hindu I don’t mean how presently it can be used, I mean what existed far deep in the past, ofcourse the differences also existed, but they were often established at the same time, eg Lingaraj Temple is both Shiba and Bishnu] All these great temples of India and Laos and Cambodia etc were built by Somastic [som or sun dynasty Kings] {eg jajati Keshari might be a variation of shiujata-ka-shri = jajata-ka-shri = jajati ke shari. It has various meaning. Shri is King, God, temple, honorable etc. this kashiri has become Japanese: kashir = head}


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