Quantum correlations with no causal order

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Causality is one of the oldest and most important concepts of Physics. Even recently, at the beginning of the XX century, with the invention of Special Relativity, this concept was in some sense rediscovered. As in a relativistic framework the events can change their temporal order a great effort was made in order to preserve causality in the theory.

There is a general consensus in the scientific community about this concept: For all scientific theories, even for all the theories that will come in the future, causality should be preserved. If causal relations are broken an important number of paradoxes and counter-intuitive results arise. You could even go back in time and kill your grandgrandfather!

In quantum mechanics the discovery of entangled states, that are states with correlations than can act immediately even in they are separated by a distance of millions of light years, challenged this concept. The solution for preserving causality was to accept that quantum systems are intrinsically random and no theory can give a complete description of them.

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