Whats up with Gravity? Reply

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The basic difference is a Gravity Force/Field is experienced by huge objects which are not operating in the quantum scales and for a unification with all other 3 forces which are quantum-scale forc…

mdashf‘s insight:

Whats a Gravitational Force and what are the ideas of its unification with other fundamental forces. Is it a necessary fact that unification and quantization are imminent or is it just a foolish sticky dream? Manmohan Dash thinks such has never been thought in details. That Gravity may not at all exist in the quantum mechnaical scale below a certain level (eg say a molecular level and not below) Read in the other Gravity articles to see some latest ideas of his. (Is Gravity amenable to quantization” and “Whats theory of Relativity”) Read the very effective analogy of whale in an ocean as the gravity force’s nature for getting the idea why Gravity may not be a GUT force (as envisioned by Einstein)

See on mdashf.org

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