Expectamus Dominum is same as Jaga Mohan !!


Expectamus Dominum (Expecting Lady, Pregnant Lady through 8 PI’s !!)


Nila Kant eswara (Anala Shanti Maha-Isu) Anugraha Ganga Iswara. (The compassionate Shiva) Check teh PI as in Expectamus Dominum. With or without it these are pregnant Ladies (one interpretation among many) One interpretation is semi-minor Axis of a star (mostly sun). They also store the population composition as a histogram.


Heck Out the Expectamus Dominum (pregnant lady) style architecture and its PIness. (PIous) Pi is ability to produce kids. This design is in Nelakanteswar.

jajata, Sanata. Jagannath. The semi-major is ~65 meters. Highest (Kingdom architecture wise) in perhaps world, 12th CE. Konarka was supposed to be taller which razed (my idea due to ~70 meters it was unachievable in those times, due to some fault razed, what survives is still grand) Lingaraj (Butkalingaraja) was 55 meters (?)
Jagannath has two semi-minor temples !! (Use the words with caution, I haven’t measured to reflect Kepler proportions)

From my personal analysis I said earlier today Expectamus Dominum is “a Pregnant Lady = expecting Dame“. I searched Google and it says “waiting for the lord“. The Lord is the to be borne. I saw it phonetically (Expecting Dame) and mathematics; 8 pi’s represents a pregnant woman, 6 pi are found by our body, each hand is folded and meet at the shoulder thats 3 pi, same with legs thats another 3 pi. A kid is 2 pi, its one person/generation/result/knot/dots/circle/square. 

Ok so the Expectamus Dominum (Dominus is fine)

Axa (Lord/Axis/aK-bar/As-war=Isbar/Isa/Isu)

Paxa (Favor/chest/side/wings/P-axa/P-Lord)

mus (Expecta-mun=expecting mum, maya/mother)

Dominum (Jamini/Kamini/Damini/Soudamini/soukamini=100-kamini/Lady/Dame/My-Dame/Dame-nami, honorable Dame)

Expectamus Dominum = A pregnant Lady “structure”. As seen in the Hindu temples. (there is more meaning, lets not get lost)

While the pi’s in the Argentina (Aryan Ch-in-a, Aryan Sa/In Xama) represent this fact in Hindu temples either there is explicit pi’ying (pi = siblings=door/dwara=”chhua ra”=kids/tobira) like in Neekanteswar temple and/or the Jagamohan=expectamus Dominum. The reason of bhai/veya/boy/pua they all come from PI=3.14. (Next time call your brother 3.14 Jii, thats also date when Einstein was borne)

So the pregnant woman Jagamohan is evident in all temples. I have drawn a diagram (may be uploaded later) where you can see why the Garbha Gruha is merely a JJVH and the JagaMohan is a JJMH.

The Jay Jay = Jew Jiu = Sri Jiu etc is alternated to Garbha and Gruha. Because J is G. So JJVH is JJV + JJH = GaRuVa GaRuHa. (It has many other meanings ) but primarily it carries the Alokam/Elohim/Alum/Alasyam/Analam=Awinulam etc. (jejovah = JJVH) Yash Voh etc. These phonetics have been changed on purpose with time. This is the Pitru Paxa = (V/B, Bap)

Similarly JJMH is JGMH = JaGaMoHan. SO its JogaMaya. The Yash Meya etc. The motherly part. Matru Paxa.  (Ma, M)

Its technically more appropriate to call them JJVH axis and JJMH axis where axis is God/Person/People/factor etc. {Temples/Societies are not necessarily Religious or God places, Unfortunately with time they have become so}

The Major Axis and the Minor Axis. They represent triangles and therefore Keplerian ellipse. They represent stars. (eg David’s Star) there could be more minor axis (as in Jagannath Temple, two minor axis, due to rotation of 1 minor axis. So its merely two different phases or solstice/surjyadisha in the ellipse  perhaps the beginning and end of the solstice.) Since sun and all stars (the ancients understood sun is a star, because triangles that rotate make circle which is sun and that rotates slow makes stars, David’s star) are same and their position was known by triangulation in the sky.

(no historical time line when JaJati = Yihudi=Jagat=Bibhuti/bishudhi=Sanat = Chhaya Natha = Tsyio Nut temple known as Jagannath Temple had its both minor axis completed, so it might have followed the Kepler’s timeline, possible, I haven’t researched. The names are phonetic alternations although it might offend you that Hindu religion is not pure its mixed from all 4 major religion J/C/I/H and the other major religion B. But there are far too much evidence. Also I have a diagram that proves Swastika is same/equivalent as David’s star and another I drew today that shows how major and minor axis are same, because apart from real renderings the extrapolated parts produce the David’s star. In other words the JJVH and JJMH together are the David’s star when extrapolated in reverse direction. So JJMH being smaller has no insult to minor axis. Minor becomes major and major becomes minor in the ellipse. ) Also the Dambaru of Shiva is present in that diagram when extrapolated. Plus why these temples are completely womanistic in some sense as they are visibly manistic. They all simply can’t be present without them being completely intermixed.

Major reason is sun and stars are represented through these temples which are then the vitality of population. Thats the base philosophy of all these major religion and when mixed produces one God/people/ etc. But it also hides in it a treasure trove of geometric pattern which can be used to illuminate world history. this is the same reason for architecture of other religious traditions. They are all mixed. In the end as I have hypothesized only 20% of world population can be Hindu if there is enough mixing for 1000s of year. (Its possible in as long as it is, I mean there has to be sufficient mixing, which being perhaps bellian curve approaches a quick time say 500 years, we have 7K years.)

One note: if Jagannath (JJ nut = sri jiu natha, arjya natha etc, sri can be tri=3) temple indeed places the two minor axis wrt the two end point of solstice, then it can be used to see if they were precise or not, if they knew Kepler’s law or not. JJ temple was built in 12th CE. Kepler was 16th CE.

with this article the question is: If they knew precise Kepler laws when they were building the temples or not? That would be clear when the projection of the Sun’s ellipse on earth surface indeed in the ratio of the temple part’s height (JJVH vs JJMH are in the ratio of semi-major and semi-minor or not?) Plus If two equal height JJMH are present as in case Jagannath Temple do they represent two end points of the summer solstice or not? (Beginning of summer vs end of summer) If all these matches that would mean they knew when summer begins etc by the shadow that are produced on the temple ground, whats the angular speed of these shadows (yes: whats the speed of sun and planets), and much more info than this. eg there could be smaller temples elsewhere to map the different season. 

There is much more to JJ and all Hindu temples than its ever met the eye.

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