Mr.Debendra Nath Dash-The Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur from Odisha | ବେପାର.କମ୍

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mdashf‘s insight:

The man in this interview; Mr. Debendra Nath Dash is the grandson of a renowned freedom-fighter from state of Odisha and a socialist Mr Gopabandhu Dash. (I think Gopabandhu liked to write his name as Das instead of Dash to recant his brahmanical linkage or its the generations which might have accrued this onto him, I do not know although simply verbally recanting the excesses of Brahmanism is enough, such excesses are deep prejudice and not namesake) Also I do not like socialism of which Gopabandhu a product of his time was a pioneer of. But he is one of the most honest man Odisha has known in its history so far far better than those  neo-socialists that are socialist by skin but capitalists by heart, chanting ambassador ( a frugal Governmental Car of India) but prefer a sit in the AC Toyota. 

I am touched by the humility Mr Debendra  Dash has and his sheer grit with which he made a successful millionaire (US dollar millionaire, In India called as karodpati, from frugal 84000 he made 1000 times more turn over a sheer feat)

Although I do not fully agree with the doctor’s generosity that he is projecting, Odisha doctors are one of the most pathetic lot, he may have seen a far more number that are truly devoted toward the plight of a poor state and its medically ill people. eg he is saying a doctor should at-most see only 50 patients and devote rest to his own education and research I think that number is quite quite high. That number should not be more than 15-20 a day if quality time is to be given to patients. Plus having a large number of patients and a less for doctors means more business for doctors although Odisha is a frugal state, unless we are talking about ineffective Governmental subsidies, there is no respite in the wallet of the poor fella who can not afford the highly priced pharmaceuticals and medical treatment and Odisha does not do any discount compare to the natinal scene. 

All in all I am truly honored to read his success story and deeply touched by him. But Odisha medical scene must chnage drastically in 2 years or we would be a bad example in medical service history. 

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