India does not need science professors? Reply

(it seems India needs Science Professors but first misleads them by information foolishness)

[Thanks to Nikhil Joshi the “problem” has been solved. The CSIR  branch of the UGC (or is it not autonomous from UGC? except these NET exams?) conducts most of the Science and Engineering subjects, although not all. To my dismay this basic information linkage is not provided on the central body that is conducting the exam,  namely UGC, on their website for the exam, perhaps for reasons of precedence, they have been carrying the exam so everybody must know everything  Even CSIR and UGC are conducting the test by the same name (NET) and most discretion lies with UGC, eg UGC decides the UGC-CSIR-Lectureship. For engineering and sciences its known as CSIR-NET (JRF/SRF) and CSIR-Lectureship instead of the default UGC-NET/JRF or UGC-NET/Assistant Professorship (instead of Lectureship which are different levels in Indian academics) This latter covers almost all other subject, to the tune of 50 by omitting only a few subjects under the engineering and science ]

So the same test is conducted separately for a few branches (engineering and sciences with a couple exceptions)  known by the name: UGC-CSIR-Lectureship and this basic information can mislead you like hell, at-least for the first time.

If you still want to read the article for why it was written go ahead. 

In UGC NET no science subjects are available.  (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics) are missing. Whats going on? Has anybody applied for NET for December 2013?

Examples of subjects notified on the NET website. Science subjects are missing. (electronics and computer science are available)  (click on linked reference to left)

The list of NET subjects along with their respective codes is as given below:
Subject Code Name of the Subject
01 Economics
02 Political Science
03 Philosophy
04 Psychology
05 Sociology
06 History
07 Anthropology
08 Commerce
09 Education
10 Social Work
11 Defence and Strategic Studies

are Physics, chemistry, Maths, Biology candidates debarred from applying for NET Dec 2013? Cos there is absolutely no possibility of applying for these subjects (and only 2 days remaining for deadline) .. topics does not list these subjects. Syllabus page also does not cover these subjects and moreover the application-online does not have these subjects in their drop-down. Is it a mistake on their part or simply something of carelessness or policy has changed which they don’t have any responsibility to advertise ? I am bothered and not seeing any light towards the end of my botheration.

Examples of notification for syllabus of particular subjects.


General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude (Paper -I)
Economics / Rural Economics /Co-operation / Demography / Development Planning/ Development Studies/Econometrics/ Applied Economics/Development Eco./Business Economics
Political Science

It seems India does not need Professors in Science anymore. (Neat-pickers: India does not need Assistant Professors in science anymore. To Neat-pickers: are there more hurdles to be covered for science professors put into official rules? like this? Omitting science subjects at different levels?)

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