Milkyway supernova to be visible from Earth within 50 years – Indian Express

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In some good news for space enthusiasts, a Milky Way supernova could be visible from Earth sometime in the next 50 years.

mdashf‘s insight:

1. Supernovae will be visible from earth (naked eye has lower chance but infrared telescope 100 % chance) 


2. Within next 50 years time. and this supernovae is from our own galaxy Milky-way.


3. A supernovae is the phenomena of a star exploding violently into its constituents and throwing that debris into its surrounding in terms of matter and radiation that glows in visible, infrared and other forms of radiation. Matter includes neutrinos, the tiny little constituents of Universe that are almost mass-less and charge-less like the photons and far more mysterious. The stars are nuclear fire-houses. When all the nuclear  fuel is exhausted the star has no more and its shells are thrown off much like an exploding bomb. The inner core continues to collapse gravitationally forming so called black-holes if critical condition of the star-mass being 1.4 times higher than Sun’s mass is satisfied. 


4. The scientists are hopeful to study the release of neutrino which is produced often days or hours before the other forms of radiation is produced hence this can shed more understanding into the phenomena.

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