online responses stats

1. #mdashf this website (26.5 K visitors)

2. Gravatar of Manmohan Dash ( 30 K likes)

Which regions are active in my website in the last month. “Active” if at-least 1 or more NEW visitor has accessed the website (non-spammers) on an average for every day, for last 30 days. US gave 777 NEW readers in last 30 days, thats a 26 every day, for 30 days, eg. followed by India: ~250.

Thats 1.5 K (1493 exact) NEW visitors a month. (countries stat decrease and increase and I did not check last month eg, but similar)

Compare to 3.5 K that adds every month on Gravatar. Gravatar is obviously not connected with this stat, it grew rapidly only 6 or 8 months ago. Another 1-1.5 k grows on monthly average on other websites of mine. thats about 6 k every month.

Although it’s quite clear my website effort which is really labor intensive (and perhaps numbed my fingers 10000 times and irritated my eyes, stomach and head frequently, in last 3-4 years) its my Gravatar popularity which reflects my online presence. If anything this will go with or w/o writings. But since I think learning something and sharing on the website is a good spending of time, its worth it. In the end any loose ends can thus be managed than just having a popularity to talk about.

Heartfelt wishes, Manmohan Dash, Founder.

California: 10/day
India: 8/day
NJ1. / day

This counter has been viewed 48, 114 times by 26, 575 visitors!


Here is an info-graphic I created today (26-12-2013) from available data of readership. (The pdf has better resolution)


mdashf info-graphic of readership
mdashf info-graphic of readership

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