Based on real incident, perhaps in 2006, published on this website previously, Feb, 2011.


I hate proselytizers. I miss my bus because of them and I can’t sleep because they knock on my doors .

This really happened.

P: Hi bro

M: hey

P: You heard Beethoven?

M: No
(I am thinking one part of that no is, yes)

P: He played Piano long long ago
(No wonder, I didn’t hear him)

M: Oh Beethoven, yes!

P: You heard Zsauce Cries?

M: Of-course
(thinking Mother Mary didn’t give him candies, he didn’t do his homework)

P: You have a personal relationship with Zsauce?

M: No
(smart ans, didn’t want to buy candies)

P: Thats very sad man.

M: But I have bible and hymns with me. I hear concerts about him.

P: Oh good. Is there someway I can ‘pay’ for you?

M: What do you mean?
(why and what would he pay for me, I was honestly thinking. No kidding, when I tried to remember and wrote pay, I understood he said pray.)

P: You know, is there someway I can answer your questions about him?

M: You know sometimes I read this, the bible. I looked around, saw the bus leaving, said NO and ran.

P: Man I am sorry man, you missed your bus.
(This is what happens when you don’t have personal relation with Zsauce)

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