What I criticize and what I don’t?

Previous title; Who I criticize and who I don’t?

Casual heroes and heroins and their ripened silence and immature hypocrisy

Friends this is a general comment of the purported political nature of some of my criticism posts — on social media, which consists, mainly, G+twitterFB and occasionally my own website, and these type of criticism is only perhaps 10%.

I am not keeping a tab of the composition, but if I post a link of some discovery or some events, that I do not follow myself greatly, but just want to share, I do so, and that perhaps covers more significant numbers of my posts, on such social issues. Also more than 75% of my posts are perhaps simply neutral from a preposterous political view point. See what I mean, herehere and here.

So my own criticism may be significant, but I share a lot of views and opinions and analyses from others. This is also a modus operandi of how and what I am willing to believe, as opposed to what party line I would lick with impunity.

There are tons of events or news from here and there and only few involves important issues, that are being discussed elsewhere. If you are one of my regular post comment-er I would take your comments with as much sincerity as they are made with. In other words my alarm bells would not be ringing “caution”, I have already some kind of trust working between you, my reader, and me, the post maker.

But a one time comment that simply picks up on a particularly psychic paranoia of one self and projects as a generic nature of my existence, may not be seen with much impunity.

— I know who are my regular comment makers, and they do disagree with me tons of times, they do not call me partisan, in their very first comment, and I am someone who is mellow with my comments, as long as there is a reason behind it, anyone coercing me into it, has never seen me accept such a stand point; “eppur si muove”, is in my Id.

Galileo Galilei with his famous quote.
Galileo Galilei with his famous quote.

Photo Credit; its not mdashf property. You might infringe into CR issues, if you use this for purposes other than intended. Galileo Galilee with his famous quote.

But someone who has never commented back on my posts, in years, a single time, on any political issue, or anything in general, as if waiting to denounce me on anything related to BJP, its allies or any aggressive Hindu outfits, the very fact that he or she chose to speak, tells me; (s)he is being highly parochial himself, herself. And please read below why I will not take it with the demanded amount of insulation, once someone invokes that I am being partisan and I am criticizing only BJP or its other allied ideologues and apparently I have not criticized past governments or policies.

This is just the type of generalized remark, that tells me, this reader hasn’t followed me even in the last week, let alone last 6 years, that I am here on FB or similar amount of time on other social media, linked above, or not. If one continues one’s salvo then, I am on alert as to what to be done to stop this non-sense.

So here is a gist of why I do not take such comments very seriously on their merits and this is not an exclusive list, just a one time hankering.

A. I do not support any government neither I am opposed to any. Or their political red carpets.

B. In the last 6 years, I have criticized 100s of times, “the then” Governments — seated Governments, that is, or incidents of India, that did not involve BJP or its allies.

If I have never heard a word from someone on this, while (s)he was on the roll of the social media on which I made such criticism, I will not entertain any doubt of his or her on the credibility of myself with regard to neutrality towards any particular issue, with the salvo “why you never criticized others when they failed”.

Others = not BJP or its political and ideological outfits — “What a kid?” I know. So immature.

I would not, because I do criticize everything based on what they did or not, when they did or not. I can’t give a shield to AIADMK policy, based on misdeed of Akali Dal — how expensive the dalnotwithstanding.

Prices of Dal; TimesofIndia

Prices of DalThe prices of dal as seen one of the worst inflation, since the present Government took over office. The Government came with a slogan of “good days”. The very first instance of my hearing the comment right after it was made my exclamation was “he must have said our good days have come, we are misinterpreting as citizen’s good days have come”. The “good days” has since then become one of the most volleyed symbolism of political jokes, in the country, that I have witnessed in the last 25 years.

C. If Shashi Tharoor makes a good essay, I will share it, despite of the fact that I believe he has been highly desolate in matters concerning to seeing “Congress in power committing severe lapse of public trust”. But thats when he is in power. So when he is not in power and provides all good, I would believe he is capable of good, only when he is not in power, so in order to get good from him, lets just wish he never comes to power again. How else we can get good from him.

But I will not criticize or praise Shashi based on what Digvijaya Singh or Rajnath did or did not, just to save him from vilification or to save him from praise. He either deserve better or worse. He doesn’t have to ride the same scooty on the way to hell. He can ride a different one.

Shields from others misdeeds is the lowest form of humanity, not just politics. James Bond can use his opponents mistakes sometimes. But he must be a fighter in himself and be prepared to take the salvo. James Bond is no casual hero like the one time comment-er’s propose their masters and Lords to be.

D. If one is saying “why the present government is under my target“, please check my time line or other social media logs or ask someone who regularly follows me,who and why I criticize, it does not have to do anything with present government or its allies; eg tons of time I criticize “other” events involving any other political party, including congress and BJP and international governments.

E. Apparently in the last 2 weeks I have seen 3 objections from some people in my social media connections — check below for reference which were the posts that brought the responses from some, my question to them, if they were here for at-least a year, which two of them were; why they were silent on other issues I am posting. Why they pick up only on one issue. I will not let such non-sense continue. If they pick only what suits them, I pick what suits my tastes.

F. I will give some recent criticisms of mine, so as to make clear, what sort of criticism I do, rather than what some opportunistic and lets make it very clear, parochially minded nay Sayers — see me doing.

(i) Just this past week eg 17 Oct: I criticized Hungary for its gov’s role in Migrant crisis.

(ii) and 3 days ago: check my post “Racial Chauvinism; someone from USA” called women in countries like India and China as repressed, “95% of them are repressed“. American women according to him are not repressed, this is a open case of gender jingoism.

What if he calls 95% of us — because its “others” for him, as “retarded”? Time to point it out. Because some Indians or Chinese call Americans “big mouths” is no reason for a concerned citizen, to keep quiet. Such shields of misdeeds are often concoctions, to save one self from the imminent fire of criticism.

(iii) Oct 22: Czech immigrant crisis.

This is what I wrote in a short social media commentary on FB.

The 2nd evidence I am giving in the concurrent week of how west — mostly Europe here, isn’t playing by the rules of humanity, rather appeases the native religion. “Nationalism prefers some religion = Non Secular”.

I had given example of Holland past week. Now Czech.

In other words such prejudices in the west are aped by aggressive nationalists elsewhere — actually religionists camouflaging themselves as nationalists, they use shield of Nationalism to propagate their divisive religious politics, eg back home here in India …

Its all about stop this religion or that religion, by violating the fundamental tenets of modern nation. Its never about the actual ethos on which Nations were created, — hence United Nations.

(iv) Oct 21: I criticized crimes of lower castes and evil of using caste for reservation.

This is what I wrote;

” Lets check the news of India. Upper Caste men set Dalits house ablaze, killing two; year old kids — Today’s TOI print. In the same print, today, Uber driver booked for rape is a lower caste man. — Laloo’s biradari, who always sees everything wrong with the upper caste for his divisive caste politics.

We have based our reservation system on the basis of caste. Apparently its the upper caste who have always been suppressing the lower castes. As a political engineering theory, it sounds great, so we have produced a mediocre nation by reserving significant number of seats in jobs and education for lower caste citizens.

— Yes the % of people getting reservations in education and jobs due to their belonging to lower castes is touching or even more than 50%, while their population is not as much?

I have never been a fan of upper caste hegemony or superiority complex — read bigotry and intolerance as well. I even argued vehemently, when I was in elementary college, with a priest, who thought; we should not allow lower castes to hang with us as they are untouchables. But we shall think of the other side. We shall by no means tolerate the sanctimony just because one is borne in a social upper caste. Lets remember Karnamadayata cha paurusha?

But caste politics is entirely different. It ignores the plight of upper caste Hindus and rewards the lower caste Hindus and reserves political fortunes for them, because they can be swayed by such rewards; to see their mentors in the corridors of power.

This is injustice and it breeds more and more injustice, till someone sees no reason, becomes uncontrollably violent and even kills kids. I am no fan of such violence but we shall not keep blind eye, towards the plight of one section. Lest we fail as human beings. AT the end we are humans, not this or that gender, this or that caste, this or that religion.”

(v) Tons times I have criticized M. Singh’s Congress Govt, at times on my website here and on FB. As I already said, I can’t criticize someone for something that they don’t do. And I will not stop from criticizing a present govt on the pretext that I don’t criticize anything in the past.

If one can’t see anything beyond one’s own parochial mindset, that will be their last comment — on my social media interface, in case they are fond of calling me partisan, because I would not see the world like they do.

If you are a new friend, a new reader, let us not bother about what I post or not. But if you are there for years, and this is your first comment and the first one is a salvo that you fire “You are only posting against BJP or the present Government” I already know whats wrong with you. It will not work here.

Here are the posts that drew the 3 responses, which is bringing out the ripened silence and immature hypocrisy in such responses.

  • Modi should act fast or lose all the privilege he is having at the world stage in the last 2 years”

I don’t think the world is really that progressive, when it comes to baking peaceful religious sanctity of the world. I mean in raking the religious divisiveness of the world the west is not far behind. But yes, there will be far more number of western and otherwise, intellectuals who will not extend the card of benefit to Modi’s slogan of world statesmanship, if these incidents of intolerance and bigotry, keep on soaring high. Up until so far he has been enjoying the good faith of the world, but if the unruly vandals of Shiv Sena and other coward senas of the country aren’t checked in time, it will be a very expensive deal for him to enjoy that good faith. So boy keep it abated, before its detrimental beyond recuperation.

I am an experimental particle physicist, traveler, teacher, researcher, scientist and communicator of ideas. I am a quarkist and a bit quirky ! Hypothesis non fingo, eppur si muove, dubito cogito ergo sum are things that turn me on ! Researcher in experimental high energy physics (aka elementary particle physics; like “quarks, leptons & mesons and baryons”) … Teacher of Physics (and occasionally chemistry and maths) Blogger (check my website; mdashf.org) ! Love to read read and read but only stuff that interest me. Love to puff away my time in frivolities, just dreaming and may be thinking. Right now desperately trying to streamline myself.

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