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I am an experimental particle physicist, traveler, teacher, researcher, scientist and communicator of ideas.

I am a quarkist and a bit quirky ! Hypothesis non fingo, eppur si muove, dubito cogito ergo sum are things that turn me on !

Researcher in experimental high energy physics (aka elementary particle physics; like “quarks, leptons & mesons and baryons”) … Teacher of Physics (and occasionally chemistry and maths) Blogger (check my website; !

Love to read read and read but only stuff that interest me. Love to puff away my time in frivolities, just dreaming and may be thinking.

Right now desperately trying to streamline myself.

  • Research Progress in 2007

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  • Logic, God and nature’s laws. The educated atheists.

    “The funniest thing about Nature is, there are a lot of coincidences. The more one digs the more one is gotta be amazed how easy it is, to dig Nature.”

    About Nature and its ways
    Intelligence and God
    Truth, the way I see it
    Thinking about future

    March 22, 2007

    All of article was written march 22, 2007. Only a small part was edited thereafter in 2010, as indicated. A few words here and there, were edited, today. All images have been uploaded today. Today is 10-10-2015.

    I might be wrong here, technically, but I did not refer to advance mathematics, while thinking or writing about this. My purpose is not to give mathematical theorems. My purpose is to tell how I really think about some of the usual stuff that anyone in general may also be thinking about. This is not what I just sat and thought over few days. This is how I basically think, since when I was young and this is how I still think.

    One might find this interesting or even might just say, what a prophetic standpoint. To tell the truth, I don’t care. I am not going to think another way just because one doesn’t like it. But also, I think its great to know what one may think of these issues oneself.

    I see a similarity in the way our minds work and the way nature works.

    All transactions of nature are statistical in nature. Nature is like a grand machine, which probabilistic-ally decides, how its going to go, into the next instant of future. There is something in all minds, that is kind of like a prototype of nature, I have a tendency to call this as IRM, Instantaneous Reality Machine. This calculates our ‘destiny’ instantaneously, and tries to collapse some of the illusions, nature throws at us, including the blurry imagination, of our own mind.

    Now this is like a ‘game’ of calculating safety against risk, known against the unknown, conscious against subconscious and all such mutually exclusive variables of nature and this involves, seeking an escape, into the instantaneous future. I can’t see, why, intelligence could be associated, with the ability to decide, our destiny for the next instant.

    Machinist views of Nature

    Finding the instantaneous destiny, is a basic capability, of all human beings …

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  • The first time I went for a long drive.

    I had to wait a little longer than usual to get my Driving License. If you know of any precedence where people of considerable drawbacks got one you know how the system works in US. Personal preferences, prejudice, cultural misunderstandings and uptight behavior, day-light saving and strict adherence to rules and what not, but safety. I didn’t face any such situations although I had a feeling I wasn’t paid enough attention for my skills. I failed my license test the first time I tried, amplified by a little mishap.

    I brushed, an over-protruding heavy sized vehicle parked end-to end to the slot where I was instructed to park in a matter of few seconds. While I had been informed by my trainer *in the test* I can park anywhere I wanted, it changed real-time just at the end of my 45 minute driving, with reasonably good driving.