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I am an experimental particle physicist, traveler, teacher, researcher, scientist and communicator of ideas.

I am a quarkist and a bit quirky ! Hypothesis non fingo, eppur si muove, dubito cogito ergo sum are things that turn me on !

Researcher in experimental high energy physics (aka elementary particle physics; like “quarks, leptons & mesons and baryons”) … Teacher of Physics (and occasionally chemistry and maths) Blogger (check my website; !

Love to read read and read but only stuff that interest me. Love to puff away my time in frivolities, just dreaming and may be thinking.

Right now desperately trying to streamline myself.

  • Research Progress in 2006

    27 Nov 2006, The c++ code that did it all 11 Nov 2006, The South East Section of APS, Williamsburg 1 Nov 2006, Studies of charmed particle decays at Belle, presented @Hawaii 11 Sept 2006, The Belle Analysis Meeting presentation… Read More ›

  • Research Progress in 2005

    03 Nov 2005, the cancelled talk at MSU, abstract 15 Oct 2005, Charm group presentation at KEK 26 sept 2005, The Belle Analysis Meeting presentation 09 aug 2005, Charm group presentation at KEK 28 July, 2005, status update over VPI,… Read More ›

  • The first time I went for a long drive.

    I had to wait a little longer than usual to get my Driving License. If you know of any precedence where people of considerable drawbacks got one you know how the system works in US. Personal preferences, prejudice, cultural misunderstandings and uptight behavior, day-light saving and strict adherence to rules and what not, but safety. I didn’t face any such situations although I had a feeling I wasn’t paid enough attention for my skills. I failed my license test the first time I tried, amplified by a little mishap.

    I brushed, an over-protruding heavy sized vehicle parked end-to end to the slot where I was instructed to park in a matter of few seconds. While I had been informed by my trainer *in the test* I can park anywhere I wanted, it changed real-time just at the end of my 45 minute driving, with reasonably good driving.

  • Research Progress in 2004

    17 Nov 2004, status update over VPI, KEK video link

    10 Nov 2004, status update over VPI, KEK video

    Presentation slides of research in experimental high energy physics

  • How I learned driving.

    When I reached Virginia I decided to hire a professional trainer from a driving school. I called up the EZ training in Christians-burg after some deals of research. Some Mr Gerlind was the trainer and we fixed a deal. He would train me for 2 hrs everyday at $50 an hour. He would pick me up from my house and bring me back where he would take me from. He would train me for 5 days and on the day of the exam he would take me to a nearby DMV and let me take the test in his car without any extra charge. We struck a deal.

    So Gerlind showed up at my house in Foxridge in Blacksburg …