What are photons?

Photons are said to be the quantum (new-Indian-term: प्र-भागी) that carries the energy of unified electromagnetic fields.

An unified field is an advance treatment of electric and magnetic fields that are treated “same” because of a great idea of Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Like the equivalence of space-distance and time-intervals, electric field and magnetic fields are the manifestation of the same “gauge” fields. This is necessary if one observes the electric and magnetic phenomena from a space-point (or frame of reference) which is moving so fast with respect to the highest speeds attainable in our Universe that if something moves even at 1/20th the speed of light differences start to show up in our calculation from so called classical understanding.

The nature of Physical truth and our approach to find it

The Unification of fundamental physical interactions is a result of that abstract thinking, and look at it, we are successful because nature nods “agreed”. One example of this unification is is how the electric fields (E) are same as a magnetic field (B) if you recognize that the E, B fields are not fundamental but a mere form of the more fundamental field when the speed of reference is quite ordinary. This was explained in much detail in the preciding chapter: What are photons? There we learned how we see these fields in an everyday sense, we do not see the lightening speeds if we were to we would not be seeing these fields but their rather fundamental origin and we would see that there is only one field: the electromagnetic field, which is jumping from one state to the next releasing something we call the photon or light corpuscles.
Now reductionism can be understood as a prevalent thinking in the theoretical approach to understand our Universe…

Scientific Interest !!

Science has, in itself, plenty of self-sustaining skepticism and rationale of its own, by that I mean science is the leading buffer of both, skepticism and rationale, science exists on its own, by its own, not necessarily for its own, science is implemented for social consumption, but that’s not the inspiration, despite of its ideal inspirations, its useful and its efficient enough.

Science can not be and should not be rejected on a plain, it does not appeal to our philosophical taste or stand point.

Science is like a Game !

Then it just becomes an industry. But the real point I want to make is what we are trying to work at is Nature or in any case Universe. What’s the difference anyway? Universe is Nature. But at a large large scale as well as at any scale. Nature is what we often refer at a scale, which is directly perceivable, or in case of the small-scale matter and interaction, the ones whose effects are still observable by us.

How these are studied in all its details, anyway, means we are studying even the ones that are not observable.

Nature is a rule-book, immensely complex, gigantic and subtle …

So we do live in a time, when quantum mechanics is actually not making it much into our psyche, given it’s a well carved out niche, on the slopes of which we are doing all our chores, yet not realize so, and given that we have taken into grant, some of its most ill quoted saying, such as quantum mechanics pertains to the small and it only adds up a ferociously small error.

The truth is some of its often quoted remarks such as, Feynman’s; safe to say nobody understands quantum mechanics and so on, are a mere metaphor, in circumstances where further insights of quantum mechanics are tangible and NOT inconsistent with the rules of quantum mechanics.

Although such is unlikely to come in a decade, impressive strides are possible in 5 decades and truly comprehensive knowledge is possible in several centuries to a millennium’s time.