The Chandra Angle !!

But the neutron stars are still quite large. This is because the electrons are about 1000 times as longer in how much space they require to sit in that system, than the neutrons. the neutrons are heavy hard attitude guys, they will go no where. But the electrons while occupy such a large couch are far far less heavier than are neutron. So they are basically whats called “soft”. They are long legged and eat less energy and when vanish the neutron stars have collapsed into an adjacent mass state but quite so very smaller in volume, a 1000 times, smaller.

So two things happened that are called supernovae (that is super star phenomena).

1. (Type Ia supernovae) White dwarf > induced by atomic disintegration due to gravity pressure > Core of the star

2. (Core collapse supernovae) Core of the star > induced further by emission of electrons > neutron star

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Happy birthday Scientists, James Joule.

Joule born in 1818, this day, December 24. happy birthday to him. He made seminal contributions to what we understand about energy today, which is why SI unit of energy is named Joule after him. (In India Joule is a popular name for women: but thats not how James Joule’s name is to be said, in case of James, the last e is silent, because scientists are often silent)

Happy birthday Scientists, James Joule.

Physics Today Excerpts on James Joule Birthday; It’s the birthday of James Joule, who was born in 1818 in Salford, England. Joule was a commercial brewer in Manchester. His work inspired an interest in physics and in the nature of energy. In a series of experiments, he demonstrated the convertibility of kinetic, thermal and electromagnetic energy. The SI energy unit, the joule, is named in his honor.

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Sir J. J. Thomson, the man behind electrons. Happy birth day Scientists. #mdashf #birthday2

#mdashf (insights from #mdashf) Thomson who discovered electrons so you can study in electric bulb and heat your breads in toaster and distinguish between naked women and not really naked women on TV, while eating that bread and your wife’s coaxing. Cathode Ray Tubes were not possible without this man’s contribution towards electron’s discovery. So lets not forget him on his birthday, today: the 19th December 2013. The electron was discovered more than 115 yrs ago.

Happy birth day Scientists. #mdashf #birthday2

#mdashf (insight of #mdashf) Sir J. J. Thomson, discovered the electron. The particle that gives us electric current and lit our bulbs and heat to toaster breads.

(Physics Today Insight) It’s the birthday of Joseph John “J J” Thomson, who was born in 1856 in Manchester, England. In 1897 Thomson found that cathode rays could be deflected by an electric field. He correctly deduced that cathode rays consist of tiny negatively charged particles: He had discovered the electron. Thomson was also a talented mentor: Six of his students – as well as his son, George – went on to earn Nobel prizes.

The beauty of astronomy.

Above our moon, are seen the planet Jupiter with its largest 4 (out of 67? ) moons. The moons as discovered by Galileo were known as Callisto, IO, Europa, Ganymede. IO is volcanic with fatal levels of nuclear hazard on its environment while Europa is Icy. Today, the phenomenon of aura produced on Jupiter’s moon Europa, was explained briefly. Click on preceding link.

Galileo had observed the 4 largest moons, as named above, with his small telescope which is today known as Galileo, which was only the 2nd ever made telescope in the history of humanity, with about 30 times more resolving power than the first ever made by an engineer from Netherlands.

( — need to check on that specification of “30 x resolving power” in units of telescope resolving power of 1st )

The beauty of astronomy.

Jupiter, Europa, their love game.

Our event correspondent paparazzi of the cosmic space Hubble, the telescope, captures how Jupiter loves to play with its concubine Europa, 1 among the 4 it has. Jupiter keeps 4 mistress, IO, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede. A fact known first by Galileo, whose daughters did not become nun for this reason. Just that Galileo was never having a law fully wedded wife. If you have concubines you will certainly find who else does. He must have been awed the first time he would see a magnetic personality that Jupiter is has the sheer charm and wit to keep keep 4 paramours.

(Galileo did find Jupiter’s satellites to be 4, and is Callisto a transgender? But they are certainly the most well known of Jupiter’s lovers, and the largest and first known. But paparazzi finds there are as many as 67. Jupiter could not compete with Casanova, but still sort of comes in the top list of philanders in our Universe, although a bit inanimate for anyone’s taste)

Jupiter, Europa, their love game.

The next scientist who were in-line inspired by the “casa del amor” (house of love) were Einstein and Schrodinger. Schrodinger had two wives (or what was the story, exactly?), openly so, and Einstein had numerous love affairs out of his marriage, Einstein was also a grand inspiration for “love and sex before marriage” and live-in relationship. In today’s India supreme court would have given him a decree of “illegal” and he would have shot back “none of your business, I am only sure about the finite-ness of Universe”.

But how magnetic a personality is Jupiter? Jupiter’s magnetism is bigger than Sun’s and earth’s. A fact that certainly excites its lovers.

This hubble image shows how plumes of water are sprayed into its own atmosphere by icy Europa which the armor Jupiter splits at the atomic level by throwing electric charges at the water molecules in a rapid manner by its magnetic arm. Just like we accelerate charges by magnetic field here on earth and make them split each other, the power of Jupiter’s darts are so high they split the water molecules into ions of H and O. That causes radiation in various hues of color, an aura captured by the Hubble telescope.