Folklore and philosophy

A few thoughts on reincarnation.

I still tend to think, a soul is physical in the sense, it exists, in the physical body and has no sense after the physical body is dead biologically. Its an abrupt end to the soul or the spirit.

By spirit I mean something that’s perceived by ourselves only and not by others. Because others can’t have our senses, our feelings etc. But this spirit or soul is still physical. We can feel ourselves, right? When the body is dead, these experiences or feelings have no meaning at all.

Its then only fabulous or childish or religious or philosophical, that these souls exist and go on, into another body. This is a clearly understood boundary now, that if this is accepted, it has to be accepted as an unscientific idea and not one that makes any sense to truly learned men (a definition per se; scientists).

It can still be discussed because, as I said its fabulous, its childish, its religious or mythical and its philosophical and interesting. — I rest my case …