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Racial Chauvinism.

Racial Chauvinism

I came across the following on FB. Its not the first time I have come across such prejudiced view of the world we live in, irrespective of whether its a western view or an eastern view. But its not right and we must not accept such perjury of ethical concerns. Its kind of order of the western myopia, that it paints everything with the same brush, as long as its not western. We must be cognizant of it and dispel such myth from our Psyche.

Here is his confident perjury.

American Women are not repressed. Would you like to see true repression I turn your gaze towards 95% of women in Saudi Arabia, rural China, India, other nations of similar configurations, those are a gender ‘repressed. If you do not have to ask permission to leave your house then you are not ‘repressed.

— Eric Kirsch.

So cutting your napes in certain way makes you liberals? Explains whats wrong with the western view of the world.

1. I do agree that repression of women in India is rampant. But 95% you gotta be kidding me. Where do you get such numbers except from your wildly self gratifying hokum.

Islam is not part of Europe.

BERLIN: Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban defended his hardline stance against refugees, the vast majority of whom are Muslim, saying in an interview published on Friday that Islam “has never been part of Europe”.

“Islam has never been part of Europe, it came to us,”

1. What Taslima Nasreen now has to say about such foolhardy Islamophobia? She might fall out of favor with Europe?

2. Why US has to thrust itself in the middle east to bring world order when such aggressors are doing the same thing elsewhere. “we do in Hungary what we want to do”. Then who decides what has to be done in the Middle East? Definitely Hungary is not interested, but why it wants a sit in the UN? It can keep its secluded presence only in Hungary.

3. Islam came to Europe. Europe didn’t come to Islam. Well what about European imperialism? You can thrust yourself into others house when you don’t want them in yours?

Taslima Nasreen needs to introspect.

Taslima Nasreen is just being hypocritical. She is saying Indian writers protesting against Hindu Chauvinism are just pro-muslim and anti-hindu. In other words they are not intellectuals just whimsical activists. In the same breath she is saying they did not protest when her book was banned. If they did support Taslima, only then they are seeing the atrocities of Muslims? Else not?

Also are Hindus washed in milk? Especially when in the name of Hinduism people are getting killed, how is it not worse than Islam? However new in the timeline of history its real when writers are being killed for criticizing the ethos of a Hindu society.

A book banned or a fatwa issued is far more cynical but a life — and many more lives, taken is not cynicism, it’s vengeance and murder. And if the writers did not protest for you, it does not mean they are endorsing every heinous acts committed by Muslims. In Bangladesh heretic writers — bloggers, are being killed by Islamists. Have you returned any award you have gotten in your life? But you do not endorse, such heinous Islamic acts right?

Do you know Beethoven?

Based on real incident, perhaps in 2006, published on this website, Feb, 2011.


I hate proselytizers. I miss my bus because of them and I can’t sleep because they knock on my doors .

This really happened.

P: Hi bro

M: hey

P: You heard Beethoven?

M: No
(I am thinking one part of that no is, yes)

P: He played Piano long long ago
(No wonder, I didn’t hear him)