The state of Indian Science.

China is already doing this. Its particle accelerators are hotbeds of science research where people from the globe come like honey-bee come to flowers. China is even planning to establish world’s largest accelerator, bigger than LHC, the biggest and highest energy facility in the world now.

If we think democracy is hindering our strides, we better change to communism, shall we? There are certain aspects where Democracy should have little less calling power, but thats possible on two fronts, 1. we realize that we first need world class thinkers and scientists and technologists 2. we realize that we are in safe hand and we can turn democracy off.

Advocacy of science !

Now what is science, calculating a piece of problem is not science. It leads to new knowledge that can bring anyone laurels. That’s still not science. Its dissemination to the broader community is a beginning of science.

When the basic ideas behind such strenuous activities become established practice of modern societies, that’s science. Because it will become sustainable enough for the benefit of human kind.

The doubly charming.

There was this short guy from Colorado who wanted to come to Virginia for a change and he narrated his experience in the plane he flew the day before. He had a chat with his fellow passenger and how he was greeted with “you are charming.”

“Oh you are a Charmonium” I quipped. He did not get it at first and I was a little embarrassed as I wasn’t quite clear myself why I said that. Few moments passed into the situation and I remarked, “you see, a Charmonium is a nick name for a particle that has two quarks in it, each of them is a so called charm quark. So a Charmonium is doubly charming instead of just charming.”

Another of his friend remarked how its a little tricky to get a Physics joke. On the contrary I thought how it has become a little fashionable and thats why acceptable how out-rightly sexual, Physics jokes have become.

Whats so funny about that !!

This is a story about the glass doors, you have to push hard the horizontal bars and keep on hold to be able to rotate the door and make space for you to exit and if another person is closely preceding you, you cant, won’t, shouldn’t let it go bang on them so you better hold it while they passed along and if a next door is coming their it is the ethics to hold for you, if you wanna check out how strongly society holds ethics, your experimental sample would be something like this, where the fact that opening a door for the exit caused a rush of bliss-less amount of cold onto your body, might be a factor in deciding how the preceding person just wanted to rush out or some other kindaa emergency? We better ask.

The first time I went for a long drive.

I had to wait a little longer than usual to get my Driving License. If you know of any precedence where people of considerable drawbacks got one you know how the system works in US. Personal preferences, prejudice, cultural misunderstandings and uptight behavior, day-light saving and strict adherence to rules and what not, but safety. I didn’t face any such situations although I had a feeling I wasn’t paid enough attention for my skills. I failed my license test the first time I tried, amplified by a little mishap.

I brushed, an over-protruding heavy sized vehicle parked end-to end to the slot where I was instructed to park in a matter of few seconds. While I had been informed by my trainer *in the test* I can park anywhere I wanted, it changed real-time just at the end of my 45 minute driving, with reasonably good driving.