The ambiguity of Hiragana and Katakana letters.

This article is to exemplify the ideas. The comprehensive version might be added given to a technically visible chart making.

These are the 5 hiragana (HG) and katakana (KK) letters that are almost same;
HG (や か り に へ) = KK (ヤ カ リ ニ ヘ ).

So if you know one the other will be a hackjob.

But that won’t be too many. I am rearranging them into groups so it will be really easy for you to remember the alphabet in a few hours.

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What kanji in Japanese is used for LOL?

You might have seen this kanji being used for expressing a deeply humorous situation at places, — 笑. I myself use: 笑 笑 笑.

In principle because we abuse lol the most, I think it comes to category of selfie and twerk, but in abusive usage perhaps lol will win.

Here is why its called as emi, first of all — which is my mother’s name: Amy, Emi, Emmy etc not Emma. This is the reason I remember this kanji, also I make her laugh out loud a lot with my joking nature. She used to get irritated a lot @my jokes, but now I am getting irritated when she laughs at my joke.

emi — 笑, is said as emi in emission. And I see that this is a combination of two kanji, one is a kanji which is “bamboo” –竹, and there is a kanji which is “sky” or “heaven” — 天.

Does that combination make you laugh? Bamboos in Sky. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ..

OK stop it. Use lol for compactness.

For record: there is a similar concept in Odisha, we say “a-ka-shaw kaw-in-a chi-li-ka mach-haw” which means “grapes in sky”, “fish from Chilika Lake”.

— not exactly grape but tamarind actually.

So basically I think thats the sense.

What kanji in Japanese is used for LOL?

The approach to unify Language.

The thought of Sun theory of language is “äny word is an alphabet.” Therefore there are infinite number of languages and infinite number of rules of language and infinite number of alphabet. Therefore humanity has only learned to produce new alphabets, and a word is the way to do it. If I say damn, it says: d, a, m, n is an alphabet. alphabet; literal meaning is miniaturization. {therefore quantization} because alpha means less/ap/ab {ap as in apapsis, alpa as in Indianic: alpayu} and bat/bet is adjective-suffix of alpa. {as English: LY in nicely}

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対称性 。。 壊れた−対称性 。。一回生 の 性質 「Unitarity」 。。単一化

Spontaneous Symmetry breaking, unitarity, unification, this article is written in Japanese.
簡単 の 単語 で 対象性 は 力 の 性質 です。 unitarity は 力 の 一回性 の 性質 と 同じ の 単語 で 力 の 変わらぬ性質 です。対象性 と unitarity を 一緒 に 認め できます。

この 例 を 取る。男 は 幹線道路 で ショッピングモール から 運転 と 家 で 達する。 ショッピングモール の 男 は 家 の 男 を 同じ の男 と 明白 にです。 なにか の 内部 の 力 は 男 から、 例 を ため に、熊 に 変わらない です。物体 の この 性質 は 対称性 さ 知られて いる です。 数学 の 法 で それ が unitarity の 力 で 記載する。

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