Still some gravity !!

So talking about gravity fondly I have made a remark “Its not gravity that makes you fall”. You would be shocked as if you fell down but its not due to gravity but something else is at work, Am I a Physicist propounding a phantom theory? The actual statement I made is “Its not gravity that makes you fall, it only makes you fall FASTER”. That was known to Galileo, which we often very conveniently forget and make an erroneous statement that things fall because of Gravity. So it caters to the law of inertia also. So satellites would still fall irrespective of the absence or presence of Gravity. (although the inertia would mean they would be at absolute rest if we do not take into account enough of its past when something had hit it harder to slow it down or sped it up, in any case when enough history has been allowed to see that no forces or extra actions were disturbing its inertia, IT MUST BE MOVING AT UNIFORM MOTION without any debt to a force-bank called Gravity. If Gravity isn’t there the inertia is still the same and it would continue to be moving at the same speed, which as a specific possibility be ZERO)

So apart from the fact that Gravity only causes us to fall faster its also an erroneous fact to say: Gravity is caused by Masses. Or its innocuous looking twin-statement masses attract masses and thats called Gravity. It has two basic history why its often thought or said so. 1. History of how theory of Gravity developed. 2. History of how Gravity was taught.

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Equivalence from simple notions of Geometry ? Yes.

Now it may also be related that light bends in a denser media compared to a rarer media because an additional rotational force is working. In other words, the definition of straight line has to change in the medium, that is of different density, because path of light is changing. Light is the guy who suffers the least when something tries to buzz it, because its inertial property of mass is zero. The curvature of light or the bending or deflection known as Refraction is thus a measure of the sideways force or energy.

Thus speed of light in different media is a measure of this bending or curvature and is known as Snail’s law ( — Pun intended, its actually; Snell’s Law — ) . Automatically when distance and time have to readjust, to produce an angle or bending, known as refraction ( — possible because distance and time can produce an angle if they are equivalents — ) the speed must also change.

All these are inter related. Light refracts and its speed changes, in relative change in density of media because there are rotational or non-inertial effects.

( — or additional energy is available, or a force is acting to bring a curvature in light’s path, perhaps the electromagnetic effects of the molecules? Its not only distance or time that are equivalents, read one article of mine “All You Need To Know About Relativity” to understand; how energy and time and distance and in short all Physical Variables are equivalents of each other — )

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How simple is Relativity?

On the top line is given what people like Galileo knew. Its called Gravity. It says as you go away from center of gravity your energy increases as the force of attraction you experience goes on decreasing with the increase in square of r, r is separation of you from the center of the gravity creating object such as earth. So Newton could have differentiated it. (why Galileo isn’t ascribed to derivatives and calculus? he definitely had to understand it to see gravity forces? thats the kind of questions historians better be talking about) Now if I differentiated the top what I get is the 2nd line. (I took derivatives, which are ratio of small changes in different variables) So I get on 2nd line on Left hand a fractional change in energy dE/E (eg did energy change 1% or 5 % ? .. )

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Rising Oceanic Levels

If you use that idea here you can see that 3 mm/year is really not a concern if they haven’t used the Relativistic corrections to their satelite data. But if they have taken all Relativistic effects which per a year can be really a large value compared to 3 mm/year then 3 mm/year can be studied to be some other effect. This question of any possible Relativistic error must be addressed first before any thing can be claimed about growing Oceanic water levels.

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connection between special relativity and general relativity

So deceleration is equivalent to a gravity field. Which is exactly what principle of equivalence of Einstein is. ‘In osme paperwork” I have proved this equivalence from classical mechanics. [only from Newtonian formula for gravity].

This means many special and general relativity ideas are actually also classical mechnaics ideas but Einstein extended them and made them more general, exact and advanced. eg Einstein studied them in more situations than were studied before. Time dilation, equivalence principle and gravitational dilation are all simple classical mechnaics ideas. All the details I have written in recent articles in in this website check last 1-3 months under Relativity/Physics tag.

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