Further OPERA of a comprehensible universe.

Following are the serious physics based remarks, analysis or studies I have made so far on OPERA collaboration’s experimental result or ones that can be read in this context. This measurement has surpassed in my opinion all bounds of doubt and uncertainty. What remains is an anomaly, in this article I will give some suggestions on how anomalies if any can be addressed and make other pertinent remarks.

Before that here are the serious articles on OPERA so far — only 1 humor based article is on OPERA with popular musical analogies, I will mention it just for the heck of it and presume it does not take any one away from scientific context, but then serious and good quality experiments aren’t necessarily understood by serious physicists who keep on making vague comments which is more of a danger toward science than just humor:

[in order of chronology, into past]

Article 1: The time energy uncertainty relation. 

Article 2: Further OPERA of a comprehensible universe — the current blog you are reading.

Article 3: The sociology of skepticism. 

Article 4: Why scientists think photon is mass-less.

Article 5: What do we know about photon ? (Light).

Article 6: Why the neutrino and photon break-up?  — You may avoid this it’s just humor.

Article 7: Fundamental things you should know about the neutrinos. 

Article 8: Just a few implications of the OPERA neutrino result. 

Article 9: The OPERA neutrino results. 

Article 10: Is a photon always moving at the speed-of-light? (current title: What are photons) — This one is before I knew anything called OPERA experiment exists, although written less than two weeks ago.

Article 11: Why nothing moves faster than light? — on my main blog site, written April this year.

Now back to this article:

1. How to address the issue if this result is an anomaly — a correctly measured anomaly at that). Instead of depending on another experiment the OPERA can simply divide it’s ~16000 neutrinos into 16 groups of 1000 neutrinos each, — or is it 15000, does not matter as far as the idea goes.

If a systematic glitch is present it will only show up in 1 or more than 1 group. If you think it is present in all 16 groups you are saying it will be present in 16 million neutrinos as well, hence neutrinos bought a glitch from Walmart so that photons can not pace beyond the neutrino.

It’s like neutrinos taking drugs to pace beyond photons, but they are allowed to do that.  Why is photon such a lazy guy, he can buy his favorite bike, who stopped him before the Olympics? The conditions of the experiment are equally affecting both neutrino and photon baseline, a feature only good experimentalists understand why the systematic error issue of GPS clock etc is a meaningless diversion from the real issue.

2. The experimentalist in me says: the OPERA experimental measurement is correct. The systematic errors are in control, — finding more systematic error is your problem, the statistics is in control — finding more statistics is your problem, the mean value is sharp and completely out of the bound of the errors, — you can quote the mean as a precise result.

The sociology of skepticism.

Just a few general remarks:

From a view point of science in general and scientific skepticism in particular skepticism of sociology is arsenic.

arsenic: too outsmarting without consistency.

In sociology contest you can shut down a laptop by smashing it on a stone. In a scientific contest this is not a way to shut-down the laptop. It is taken into account but it is not how science proceeds even on a yearly basis.

In science[sci-fi]:

Bruce: “are you sure he barged into your room and destroyed any evidence in his favor so neutrino actually gained 60 nano-seconds?”

Andrew: “yes he came at a Planck window-hole, he had energy of a Planck-hulk and he left a signature which weighs a few micro-grams, I called in the Goldsmith and he weighed it, turns out if we employ the hulk he can barge into clouds and rain the whole town”.

In sociology: “see did we not tell you scientists were seriously thinking of a way out of the neutrino-issue, finally, no-one can win over the Albert Hummestein, he is a human-aurora”.

In science(skepticism-fiction): “we have discovered something for real, neutrinos indeed break the speed, someone worked out the straight path of photon and neutrino and turns out neutrinos had it in them to break a feat”

Fundamental things you should know about the neutrinos — and other things no-one told ya’.

This article written originally September 2011; describes the link between how physical principles such as that of particle properties explains the formation of life.

—— (basically little facts and some insights, that I had had years ago)

There is a very simple relation between how the Particle Mechanics defined from particle’s available energy and energy channels, can get these particles interlocked, into state of matter which would sustain life. Else the particles were already effervescent and subjected to decay, but since the energy utilities were of very widely different conditions, some of it just meant; life was possible.

eg the particles are stable because they were produced in very high energy blasts, then they could survive for billions of years, and given that there are a very few out of 100s of possible particles, whose energy match like that of husband and wife, they can stay together and form more and more complex building blocks of life.

eg the neutrons and protons can have very different amount of energy in general, but once inside nucleus they can form intimate bonds, because their energy matches … as their constituents, the u and d quark, are accidentally near each others mass, all other constituents have widely varying mass.

For marriage of particles they must be equally “fatso” !

This neutrino guy has widely varying lifetime to mass ratio. Since mass is energy, I realized lifetimes are widely varying because the neutrinos are produced on earth or on sun or in a supernovae?

Since neutrino is linked to nucleons via beta decay that leads me to think the role of neutron and proton and it can be seen that they convert into each other and this way humor themselves for billions of years inside the same studio apartment called nucleus, so that eventually the little chance that life could form, blossoms.

The OPERA neutrino result

in the former case of the independent experiment they carry out, they can not at all use any relativistic boosting, relativistic additions, relativistic particle kinematics etc … No single formula of Relativity must be used, all the decay reactions that are into the experiment must first shed all photon-speed-relativity before their values will be used. They have too many assmptions to take care: