Gravitational Anomaly.

Gravitational Anomaly: (asked by a student for very simple explanation)

Basically it means the new laws of physics known as Quantum Mechanics invalidates the sanctity of nature’s principles or laws (that is QM brings exceptions to the validity of the physical laws of nature itself)

Let us discuss this in simpler ideas from the basics only.

Remember the most basic physics, that of principle of conservation of energy and the principle of conservation of (linear) momentum.

In the more rigorous formalism of physics these two principles emanate (that is derivable) from two ideas of symmetry. In-fact every conservation principle of physics are manifestations of a corresponding principle of symmetry and vice-a-versa (also every symmetry must correspond to a conservation law). This general idea of connection between conservation laws and symmetry is collectively known as Noether’s theorem and is a central underpinning in all of today’s conceptual physics.

Motion Blur; does Quantum Mechanics pertain to everyday phenomena?

A highly technical article on why motion blur occurs. Its a quantum mechanical stationary state. Whats a stationary state? A stationary state is just a snapshot of a time. But according to Heisenberg’s uncertainty relation of time vs energy (a daunting conundrum, because of time) when time is sharply measured, energy cycles are incompletely observed. Thats what we see in blurred images.

The energy cycle is not yet complete. which is to say, the error in energy is more and more when time is sharply measured equaling to instants. This is the case, because we are using high profile modern camera where shutter speeds can be so sharp they render the energy cycles incomplete. That is they take those instants when the position of any point is no more point but spread like a wave. The points (or sharp images) appear very blurred, or stretched out.

A matter of Relativistic Quantum Mechanics resolved, in my mind; why does one see a blurry, smeared picture, e.g. if one moves one’s hand, a little, while taking a picture, a digital camera, gives a fuzzy thing in motion.

— It follows from the energy-time uncertainty relation, which corresponds to two forms, in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, (R.Q.M.)

First off, what is R.Q.M.; Relativistic Quantum Mechanics pertains to extremely fast moving quantum-objects.

A quantum-object is a really small particle, usually an elementary particle such as an electron or even the atom. The more massive the quantum becomes, the lesser maximum speed such objects can move at, due to energy of motion converting into more and more mass, at higher and higher speed.

So, even though, technically, a molecule can be a quantum object, it can not move as fast as the electron, if enough energy can be imparted, to such an object.

For particles that are this small, speed is usually measurable in terms of the speed of light in vacuum, as these tiny objects attain speeds, that can quite match, that of light itself, sometimes both speeds being refereed to in vacuum.

When speed of these tiny objects, is even a bare 10%, of the speed of light in vacuum, these objects deviate, from the behavior, they would other wise show in the classical realm. In the former situation of really slow particles, the speeds add up as if they are additive in a normal way, but when the speeds become even as significant, as a mere 10%, compared to speed of light, the simple additive nature is lost, the speeds rather add up in more sophisticated way, given by something called as the Einstein’s velocity addition formula.