Time dilation: Energy slows down clocks … (Newtonian time dilation)

All energy slows down clocks …, not just gravitational energy and there is nothing Einsteinian about it. Gravity just slows down in a particular way than any other forms of energy and Einstein gave its exact form. I will derive time dilation of gravity from Non-Einsteinian case.

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A new way to map all Indian alphabet to Hiragana

This innovation is a copyrighted and patent-driven property by developer and owner Manmohan Dash. Patent-collaboration can be solicited by quality names in teh industry to email: g6pontiac@gmail.com

This chart gives you the formula how almost all Indian languages [21?] can be mapped into Hiragana and additional features of Indian language can be accomodated without any special consonat/vowel creation. This means ALL softwares for Hiragana can easily be mapped for any Indian language.

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A thorough understanding of the concept of Principle of Equivalence, a beginning

But, what if, we define equivalence between men and women to be “the male sexual organs and the female sexual organs perform the same job of reproduction and carnal pleasure”. That would be a specific condition which actually fits in with, the idea of equivalence. Thats what it is, the mass of gravitational and kinematic origin is a specific condition that fits in the idea of principle of equivalence.

The simpler and the more correct and intuitively proximal idea, would be “the kinetic energy and the potential energy are equivalent”, in other words, the effect of these two forms of energy, is, the same, and, they would transpire, in the same way, into, say, other forms of energy, and so on, despite of their different source of origin. Its this property that forms the basis of principle of equivalence and its this property, that leads to, much more profound ideas of Physics, than, the fact that the two kinds of masses are equivalent.

That latter, is, just a specific condition, which, must be also valid, in any case, as you can imagine right away, the mass is a factor in the energy so mass being a fundamentally measurable quantity, it must be same, in both cases, gravitational and kinematic. But, perhaps, it was unnecessary to envisage, that, they would be different. (gravitational and kinematic, mass, would be different, was unnecessary)

Because, somebody could also argue that; gravitational and kinematic speed, g&k acceleration, g&k force, g&k potential or potential energy, could be different, they are same and thats principle of equivalence. But then the argument stopped at the mass, and did not lead to other physical variables, of fundamental nature.

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A tip on speed of light units

A major advantage of Physics in terms of speed-of-light unit is we do NOT have to deal with huge numbers if we are to make a down to the pen and paper calculation. This is possible because speed of light is a constant even though a large number. So you can compute everything as if speed-of-light = 1 and the numbers and the related parameters such as what are known as Lorentz factors can be dealt like small numbers, especially the rapidity factor beta.

There is other definitions for rapidity factor? I think its just in terms of hyper-trigonometric functions, thats all.

For gamma you can expand the gamma in terms of beta, beta always runs from 0 to 1. Then gamma will be a binomial expansion. The binomial expansion is credited to Newton, what a man for Physics and Mathematics at the same time.

To get gamma there are 2 cases; ( — one ) you can either expand to a small number of power of beta; if the beta is small or ( — two ) if it ( — beta ) is close to 1, which is when people say ” we are dealing with an ultra-relativistic particle here ” you can do a trick. Chose a good power of beta, large enough so that you do not incur ( — more than necessary ) round off errors in your binomial expansion, which is not a mathematical problem as much as it may sound like, nonetheless it is, but take help from your Physics intuition if you are to enjoy certain privilege, you do not have to carry everything like a computer does.

This is of-course dependent on the physics problem.

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