A step toward Higher Education?

Here is the summary. And I am quoting actual numbers from News Paper Reports.

News Report; 5% Odisha Resident students. [Including perhaps those also who would be Odia by their citizenship, irrespective of where they stay]

My estimate; a typical 10% general category students, going by how large the quota regime entails in terms of percentage toward quota qualifiers.

News Paper Report; Lying vacant per anum, 10%.

My reasoning; if there would be no quota based qualification system perhaps these seats would never lay vacant, plus we would have far superior engineers produced in the country. Because the 3-levels of quota scrutiny sees the merit off to such a level even 10% seats lay vacant, at the same level that gets admitted after fierce scrutiny.

Will Vedanta University be the modern renaissance ?

The situation is this. The shear effectiveness and capability of the project implementing organization. What does really, their vision mean when it comes to carving out an unique academic citadel in a region which has its tremendous resources but lack of truly enlightened visionaries and leaders with the right educational background to spearhead this project. We don’t want to assign responsibilities to the likes of Dr