advanced physics

An approach towards solving actual problems in Physics

Back to electrons, there is always a fundamental thing to know about anything, that we already did not know. This has a great deal of significance for and from the Standard Model (and its spokesperson the PDG book, the so called bible of particle physics, but you may as well call it the “encyclopedia of the particle world”), you can always think of something important regarding the physical process by seeing what is known and what is not known. I believe modern Physics research should be done on such an approach and later unified (So it can come from many different people and different groups). I also see that many of the progress we have seen today have been achieved because of such an approach (My almamater of scientific research the Belle Group Experiments are one such example). The diversity in unity and unity in diversity of the scientific community should work towards a higher goal.

The nature of quantum mechanics.

When nature takes all the million paths, allowed for the tiny bump or the ball, which includes all the paths in the vicinity of the actuated path (that is, the actual trajectory of the ball seen on TV) all of them cancel each other out.

If Path A is the actuated path, then its surrounded on both sides by, path A-minor-up and path A-minor-down, A-minor-up, has a phase 30 degree and A-minor-down, minus 30 degree, since nature isn’t going to give any special priority to any of the path but add them up, to see any excess value, it finds that at each instant only the actuated path Path A survives, with a non zero value, and all other (paths?) do not give any sufficient phase or amplitude, to the actual motion of the ball.