Fermat’s theorem

Inherent ability = difficulty * accomplishment.

All of Physics is this “Inherent ability = difficulty * accomplishment”. Thats just intuitive but can easily be seen to correspond mathematically with the Principle of least action.

First the edifice: whats the problem? The problem is given you move in straight line when every direction is same around you, which direction will you chose? While you are waiting for a good answer from astrologers intelligent people already give a good hint. Think you have some inherent ability which is fixed.

fixed: which changes only if estimated wrong.

That inherent ability is actually action. Accomplishments are adjusted for difficulties, you waded through a swamp 5 meters you would have accomplished in sand 8 meters with that given inherent ability called action. Because action is abstract we have been sticking to time and path-length, but they are not as fundamental, they are merely specifics.


a new step in number theory

“Nature may speak mathematics but it’s often quiet …”

… Or in words: The integer powers of any integer is a multiple of a prime number within a integer scope of the power-integer.

I have explored only the prime number 5 for which I have verified in detail that this is valid. It has many implications including towards Fermat’s theorem and Pythagorean theorem and many more corollaries with great importance towards computational number theory.

I will give a history of how i came to discover this an why I call it by the name of 50cent a celebrated HipHop musician. I am a hiphop musician but nobody knows me. …

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