LIGO in India? You must be kidding …

I was pleasantly surprised that this experiment is slated to come up in India, yes, with a whopping 250 million dollars investment into science in India is perhaps the only 2nd instance of massive science euphoria.

And they are both directly or immediately so, in my field of research, although the first one INO isn’t seeming to be coming of age, while collaborations and Physics and engineering as such have been extensively laid out in the ground, the lab the much coveted international particle physics lab that is, hasn’t come.

(Surprise me, if work has already begun in Madurai, we have been struck by paranoia of environment so much that the elephants have the right of way more than the most innocuous science commies out there, pardon me, that’s a pun, no disrespect to elephants, no offense to commies.)

Still some gravity !!

So talking about gravity fondly I have made a remark “Its not gravity that makes you fall”. You would be shocked as if you fell down but its not due to gravity but something else is at work, Am I a Physicist propounding a phantom theory? The actual statement I made is “Its not gravity that makes you fall, it only makes you fall FASTER”. That was known to Galileo, which we often very conveniently forget and make an erroneous statement that things fall because of Gravity. So it caters to the law of inertia also. So satellites would still fall irrespective of the absence or presence of Gravity. (although the inertia would mean they would be at absolute rest if we do not take into account enough of its past when something had hit it harder to slow it down or sped it up, in any case when enough history has been allowed to see that no forces or extra actions were disturbing its inertia, IT MUST BE MOVING AT UNIFORM MOTION without any debt to a force-bank called Gravity. If Gravity isn’t there the inertia is still the same and it would continue to be moving at the same speed, which as a specific possibility be ZERO)

So apart from the fact that Gravity only causes us to fall faster its also an erroneous fact to say: Gravity is caused by Masses. Or its innocuous looking twin-statement masses attract masses and thats called Gravity. It has two basic history why its often thought or said so. 1. History of how theory of Gravity developed. 2. History of how Gravity was taught.

Gravitation and Cosmology: Principles and Applications of the General Theory of Relativity by Steven Weinberg .. review

A highly sofisticated and an elegant text book on general Relativity and its application. I would say a super book. I have read this book and solved for now a few daunting problems in Physics by applications of the content in this book. My research is available on my website but for context I recommend this book for serious practising physicists.

Gravity warps space-time.

Since flat space-time can be thought of in Newtonian mechanics as an absence of force or potential of gravity, the presence of such forces is ipso-facto a curvature of space and time, therefore space-time. Thats just another two lines to prove what I claimed, ideally and intuitively.

” eg when earth occupies the space-time around it, its effect, interaction or force is larger at a distance which is closer to the surface and smaller at a distance which is farther away, the force decreases radially-linearly, not linearly as such. So there are equipotential surfaces of gravity which are merely concentric spherical enclosures, one at each value of r=distance. This is tricky because its a potential energy where the reference can be chosen arbitrarily in a given situation. In other words, potential energy being negative, its the absolute or modulus of the energy we are talking about. In essence this is to say, the force without the direction specified.

Its interesting to note, thats so because force is a vector and associated with direction and energy being an integral of force, energy has to go on decreasing if energy continues to produce a force. This is again similar to a situation where like a bank account, the more time you spend in a pub the more you have to spend. “