Most people out there would misunderstand the word patriarchy. They take it to mean: fatherly-rule or “through rule of the son from the father”.

In-fact more than 200 years ago they constructed a new word matriarchy to counter this “sexism”. This new word meant passing of rights through mother’s side.

While societies have been greatly sexist and favoring unfavorable and prejudiced practices for quite long patriarchy actually meant “family rule” and not “male member rule”.

This confusion arise because of misunderstanding of 2 close and interconnected

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Telos is Greek for end. So nice.

Sean has this lucidly written this article on our existential moorings .. “Why we move towards Future differently from Past eg is Thermodynamics and Arrow of Time”. What I picked up is though, two interesting cognates of Greek with Sanskrit. Telos is Greek for End. Well it is so for Sanskrit, (hence ILS, almost all Indian Language System you can bet); See t is almost always tied to s, eg store, starvation. Its one syllable unit. (transliteration locked or locked by alphabet occurrence, origin) So you can add the s. (phonetic also means you can eg say selos, telos etc) stelos. l is a y or j etc, a softer rendering which makes the l not so perceptible any more. Actually l/j alternation is very prominent (as are m/b and p/e etc) so seyas (or any closer phonetics) Thats nothing but Indi: shesh = end. Also its worthwhile to mention that the Odia: sari (sariba, sarijiba) originates here, because l/r

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