He is so simple he does not fall in love ! Reply

I came across the following wisdom from one of the revered religious Gurus of India, Swamy Paramahansa Yogananda and twisted it a little to fit my humor.

Be as simple as you can be; you will be astonished to see how uncomplicated and happy your life can become — Paramahansa Yogananda.

— This drawing is so simple it does not fall in love. More…

Hatred is a state of insolvency towards compassion. Reply

Hatred is a state of insolvency towards compassion.

One can not be hateful towards a hater, precisely for this. One has to be totally devoid of compassion, to be able to hate a hater. A hater makes one a hater. One can’t afford to be a hater, if one is not. Haters win by hatred, not by compassion. Love is the absence of cruelty. Hatred is the absence of compassion. Cruelty and hatred live together. Love and compassion live together. Live away from hatred and haters. Seek compassion and love. More…

You become what the world doesn’t need from you ! Reply

You become what the world doesn’t need from you !

The reason why I am a scientist is such a thing, it didn’t need science from me.

You become lovely because the world doesn’t need it from you. It remains with you.

The world doesn’t need terror, it remains with some people, they come and blast us off.

If you do not take it slow, you have to take it fast, all at once.

My girl friend hates me all at once, 😛  as I refuse to take hatred at a slower rate.

Are you talking about me or the electrons? Reply

From April 30, 2012.

You can talk more about an electron than you can talk about one person or one whole country.

Fundamentally, we know more, about an electron, than we know about a person. The fact that there could be 3 trillion electrons in a person [how many are there really? ] or 3 zillion in one country, does not still mean you talk more about people or a country.

You are still talking about the electrons.

I am no Feynman… Reply

I am no Feynman, no Einstein (in hindi and rhymes)

Me nahin Richard Feynman, me nahin Einstein
Me bahat sidha sadha banata hun apna aine !
aiye gamen zindagi kya laga dega mujhe fine?

मैं नहीं रिचर्ड फेएनम्यान, मैं नहीं आइनस्टेइन
मैं बहुत सीधा साधा बनाता हूँ अपने आईन ! !
ऐ गमे ज़िन्दगी क्या लगा देगा मुझे फाइन?

Wrong Philosophy

I am no Feynman no Einstein

I make my rules straight

(wrong, can they be simpler than Einstein’s? hence wrong philosophy)

Life’s tragedies; will you punish me for this.