The latest trends in physics. Speed of Light.

Much of this article is reviewed and updated today, the: (07 January 2014). It has become more interesting, less confusing and more clarifying. Its totally worth reading this article, I would say. (since the cork that was creating confusion is out)

Please note that some of the speculations turned out to be factually not valid, that is neutrino can’t move faster than a photon. This article is from more than 2 years ago when OPERA experiment had startled the world by saying neutrinos move faster than photons, and I was explaining from simplistic view points, as to why that would be so, if that is indeed true. But OPERA experiment’s explanation of this invalidity IS their wire was loose. My painstaking analysis was NO, the explanation IS, Compton wavelength of neutrino. That analysis will be linked here when more edits and reviews have been done on such articles, written by me, yes there was more than 50 articles, as far as I recall, but 3 major problems of physics were addressed and answers found. Here is a summarized view though.

What is the latest development in Physics?

Here are some of my views on such a question which can be as wide ranging as asking “what are the life forms in an ocean”. Clearly enough thats not the purview with which this article is written. It is only to give an idea of what are some basic ideas that are being addressed in some way or other in taking up the recently (September 2011 ) occurring botheration in fundamental physics, the speed of light.

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What do we know about photon? (light)

I should at some time try to be a little more comprehensive than what will follow, I have elsewhere said how photon is very special: zero mass, vector spin state, fastest particle, force carrier of electromagnetic force — actually Maxwell waves and so on.

We can not talk about the position of the photon in relativistic quantum mechanics — we do not have a complete consistency but still. Also photon is it’s own anti-particle …

I was just reviewing a little about the photon: in 1600 Galileo was trying to measure the speed of light, at that time light speed was thought to be infinite, that is; instantaneous. The light is there in alpha-centauri, and it is there in here, at the same instant.

Galileo took his postdoc (pun) to a distant place and took a light source and uncovered it so his postdoc can see it remotely, then he would uncover his, upon seeing this and Galileo would see that and note his time.

ha ha ha that’s silly Galileo, Galileo’s ghost: yes Mohan, easy for you to say that, how about detecting dark matter? Xenon, ha ha ha ha ha ha … Xenon will detect the dark matter, ha ha hahhh haah a

Needless to say Galileo failed or rather he measured light speed to be infinite in line with the PDG (pun) publication of 1600.

A few years later (1849) Fizeu (France) performed his experiment. This was the first experiment that provided the correct result. Compare to the most precise

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