Schrodinger Equation; Concepts and Problems in Quantum Mechanics. Reply

A long and technical discourse on Quantum Wave Function.

A 64 slide presentation styled discourse on the Quantum Wave Function. It consists of detailed solution of 5 important and interesting problems, apart from a threadbare discussion of the concepts.

Does Quantum Mechanics Apply to our life’s tiniest moorings? Reply

The correspondence Principle. This guy which gets talked a lot has a simpler form at times. Again this principle is a specific or corollary of O = A*B with the understanding that even if one of the variable say A can be insignificant it still depends on the sequence of other variables which decides how significant the total outcome would be. Therefore given that B can be significant enough to over ride A’s insignificance the outcome O can be significant. In other words an event might correspond from a scale of insignificance to a scale of significance. Often a scale of insignificance can be the micro or nano scale and the scale of significance is reached because it is not insignificant. So there is a bridge between two scales, one of insignificance and one of significance. One of micro and one that is not micro but lies close. In all totality this is the reason why Quantum Mechanical effects can be carried to the Classical scale and this is known as correspondence Principle. More…

The entangled Universe .. 3

There has been a very interesting and permeating discussion going on about “Quantum Entanglement” and any imperceptible but conceptual connection it might have with “Pauli Exclusion Principle”. This has been started by Brian Cox so if you win over him you can come with “who started first?”. … An entangled electron or any quantum particle is basically thought of as a few electron system. It is for a special reason. In any case there must at-least two electrons as far apart as possible for entanglement to be realized as a quantum mechanical “phenomena” is greatly misunderstood and its implications unnecessarily blown up. More…