science and philosophy

Scientific Interest !!

Science has, in itself, plenty of self-sustaining skepticism and rationale of its own, by that I mean science is the leading buffer of both, skepticism and rationale, science exists on its own, by its own, not necessarily for its own, science is implemented for social consumption, but that’s not the inspiration, despite of its ideal inspirations, its useful and its efficient enough.

Science can not be and should not be rejected on a plain, it does not appeal to our philosophical taste or stand point.

Who needs a Science war.

Call it a spoof, but in the fun of things we have started igniting each other. So its all a fun game. Didn’t I promise so. Its fun, seriously fun. But in modern times its just a phenomena of human tendency. If the internet is not invented and we live nearby we celebrate every leap year by throwing stones at each other. We need a reason for that and in the absence of a reason call it a special reason. Now that internet is invented we can happily do anything we want to without invading anyone’s personal space in a physical way. But we can throw many stones at each other once we know what some one can be ascribed for in his mind.