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Gravitation and Cosmology: Principles and Applications of the General Theory of Relativity by Steven Weinberg .. review

A highly sofisticated and an elegant text book on general Relativity and its application. I would say a super book. I have read this book and solved for now a few daunting problems in Physics by applications of the content in this book. My research is available on my website but for context I recommend this book for serious practising physicists.

The Big Bang bubble

Then each of these no-place-no-time-no-matter-no-energy bubbles can have a small amount of matter-energy-place-time, Heisenberg license is revoked and conservation principles are sacrosanct again. So that small license is the key to understanding how a small desirable violation of the laws of nature known in our scales today we do not throw scientific thinking into a pool of unsavory gel.

Conflict of interest, between science and religion.

The difference between a principle of religion and a principle of science is, in case of religion, it is the same principle that produces a believer on one hand and atheists and non-believers on the other. For a principle of science, there is a varying degree of acceptance, but that comes from how much someone is capable of understanding these principles, not from a personal wish.

A religion and science situation.
Many people think, or at-least pretend that they do, (1) religion is anti-scientific or (2) science is anti-religious but the mere fundamental thing is, to realize; religion is an index of our ignorance.

The natural question that then arises;

Is science an index of our knowledge?

Does the ignorance that props up in science, a license to nurture ignorance and call it religion?

The Indian mythology and some ramblings !

There is this character in Indian mythology — Purana, named Anjana, — not Anjelina. One day, she was taking a stroll near a pond — presumably naked, when the breeze hit her body. She went home pregnant. Gave birth to a powerful monkey kid. The kid was so powerful it started flying like a missile towards Sun, thinking it was something to eat.

Of-course it violates Newton’s laws in doing so. Actually all of such mythological concepts violates laws of nature. The laws of nature, are not designed, to contravene religious concepts. All of religion and its concepts are designed as a counter-thesis to the principles of nature. It’s not the other way round.

The triumph of science is, its successful, despite of religion and not in-spite of it. But, one reason science is cripplingly feeble in India is because religion is pervasive like an epidemic. A small analogy is, the teacher teaches you quantum mechanics and gives you a lecture on Hawking’s Universe and then goes to temple and worships God and pleads not guilty.

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