China infiltrates India.

Sunday, May 26, 2013 at 10:39 pm UTC + 05:30 Originally from summer last year. It passed so quickly. It was indeed an eventful year. I mean I went to Mysore (for first time in life) on May 27th, 2013 and lived there for 4 month before coming to Bangalore and then Odisha, in October. That was therefore about 8 months ago, from today. I made a humor on the recurring Indo-China border issues and infiltration that was in news. “I thought I wouldn’t say anything on this because its very natural. You know China enters India and India likes it. Know what I am sayin? China? enters India. India? Likes it. Why does India not enter China? WELL if you believe relative motion India is also entering China, in every way possible. Perhaps they both like it.”

Is it me or she is confusing?

In a few videos she is one of my most favorite internet Gurus now. But in this video she is really successful at confusing me (aka set me thinking, its an honorable feat) See, in this and other videos, she says she is a bitch. Then she says she is a lesbian. And then she says she is a virgin. although since she says she is also a bad person that forms a 4-vector check this out {-i Bad Person, x: Virgin, y: Bitch, z: Lesbian} It seemed in first look that saying Bad Person is out of context but it takes Einstein to see that its necessary for invariance of Lorentz Qualities of the person. But here is the confusion, more of it: Bitch and Virgin, Bitch and Lesbian? Lesbian bitch, huh. Virgin Bitch is kind of slutty misnomer and very orthogonal, they go independent of each other but are present in the same person. Lesbian-Bitch while orthogonal that is variable separable as

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