The values and ideals of science, religion and atheism, are there parallels? Reply

If it is anything that resides on two sides of a coin, it is religion and atheism, they contrast each other like a head and tail. It does not matter who tells this, Einstein or Dick Cheney, Science is just far far away from any of that. Science is only an ideal value, which intelligent human beings have fortunately sustained through ages. There is intelligence in religion, there is so in atheism and there is so in science, but they are all rested on different values.

One can argue that there are scientists that are atheists and there are the scientists that are believers of a creator and a philosophy of creation. But that does not bring atheism or religion, as contrasting values towards, the ideals of science.

There is a need to understand the values of science, it is subtle and it is far-reaching. Far reaching by its definition means something which one does not have to carry like one carries a belief, but when one investigates and discovers, one finds the inherent values, all refined and understood, in the contemporary system. More…


A few thoughts on reincarnation. Reply

I still tend to think, a soul is physical in the sense, it exists, in the physical body and has no sense after the physical body is dead biologically. Its an abrupt end to the soul or the spirit.

By spirit I mean something that’s perceived by ourselves only and not by others. Because others can’t have our senses, our feelings etc. But this spirit or soul is still physical. We can feel ourselves, right? When the body is dead, these experiences or feelings have no meaning at all.

Its then only fabulous or childish or religious or philosophical, that these souls exist and go on, into another body. This is a clearly understood boundary now, that if this is accepted, it has to be accepted as an unscientific idea and not one that makes any sense to truly learned men (a definition per se; scientists).

It can still be discussed because, as I said its fabulous, its childish, its religious or mythical and its philosophical and interesting. — I rest my case … More…


Good science survives on giving credit to right person Reply

A log of a discussion, I had, with a some folks I have never met …

On freedom of science and freedom of doing science …

Mr Tony Owopetu;

To what extent do you think data from scientific research should be shared?

Mr Austin T Mohr;

Fully, freely, and without reservation. Of course, I’m a mathematician AND an idealist, so what do I know?

Mr Manmohan Dash;

Dear Austin, your sarcasm at self is very well taken.

But I fully, freely and without reservation agree with your observation…

The problem, the antagonists of that scheme cite, are ones of propriety and plagiarism. Like, if you share your data, somebody else might coup you, in going ahead and claim the science to be their own. But then, I think that’s a basic problem of how we generally do science, rather than problems of this scheme.

Mr Austin T Mohr;

“Like, if you share your data somebody else might coup you in going ahead and claim the science to be their own.”

When are we going to move beyond notions of “my discovery vs. your discovery” and just work toward the common goal of “discovery”?

Mr Manmohan Dash;

Probably never. More…


A trip to nowhere ! Reply

I was up for a little commute to check out on something and something else came up. While there for this important matter, I crossed path with something that made me feel quite awesome. Yes, its a fair-stands, selling various stuff. I think its up because the festivity season is round the corner !

Here is what I witnessed. More…

cow and calf

The problem of eating beef. Reply

Is eating beef an act which is so morally repugnant that it can take lives? We wouldn’t imagine such with an ideally and intellectually sensitive human society. But we don’t, we live in communities which does not care so much about what it can infer as “other’s” ways. Lets not get ourselves embroiled, to believe that, thats a superfluous statement.

One would argue, we do care about others values and culture and others ways of looking at things and at a grosser level others comfort in riding a public transport, others availability and unavailability in attending to us for what we need them for.

But, I am talking about “others” as a mark of identification and not an immediately concocted response, to deal with a social situation.

At a deeper level, we often transgress, into interfering with others ways, simply because, we identify them as ‘others’. We deliberately create a ruckus, about ‘issues’, simply because, the issues do not affect us the way we perceive it affects others.

Its dishonesty and its violence. Read a short article here why I think “dishonesty is violence”.

We gang up on others and create false notions of vulnerability and mark others as adverse, simply because we have deep prejudices of defining our roles and identifications, as being markedly different, from what we confer onto those, that would not fit into such roles.

One of the determinant, in delving into making a demarcation of what constitutes ‘others’, is the idea of proving superiority. And its an age old problem, but more than that it prevails in today’s communities, in a way it would not let us make progress as humans. More…


Why are women from Venus. Reply

Amazing #Astronomy fact; Years are faster than day, for Venus, why are women from Venus.

There is only one planet in our solar system which rotates opposite to how all other planets rotate. You guess it right, Venus. Explains why women are from Venus.

You don’t get that? Its a very strange planet. The planet where the length of the year is shorter than one single day. Thats right, it takes earth to complete 225 days for Venus to complete 1 year. But it takes earth to complete 243 days for Venus to complete 1 day. Years are faster than day, for Venus. And nobody (other planets) is that slower than Venus. Give your women their time, they need to be slow.

More women are from Venus facts;

There are more volcanoes on Venus than on any other planet in the solar system. Astronomers know of more than 1,600 volcanoes on its surface More…


What to say and what not to say, according to Buddhism Reply

From Foundation texts of Buddhism.
Abhaya Sutta and
Sama├▒├▒aphala Sutta etc

As I summarize (6 sentences into 1, possible)

Most of the speech — including bitter truth, can only be said if they are beneficial and only if they are said with the right sense of time.

I am making it concise, from whats appended still below;
unfactual, untrue, unbeneficial, unendearing and disagreeable to others, DON’T SAY
factual, true, yet unbeneficial, unendearing and disagreeable to others, DON’T SAY
factual, true, beneficial, yet unendearing and disagreeable to others, SAY, ONLY AT PROPER TIME
unfactual, untrue, unbeneficial, yet endearing and agreeable to others, DON’T SAY
factual, true, but unbeneficial, yet endearing and agreeable to others, DON’T SAY
factual, true, beneficial, and endearing and agreeable to others, SAY, ONLY AT PROPER TIME
——— More…