The Coriolis Effect

Coriolis Force; An interesting idea. 3

I have been thinking of writing a basic introduction, on this important physical concept — of, what’s a Coriolis Force.

Its one of the interesting ideas of physics, which does not get as much of a mention, unless you just happen to know this, because of your advance footing, in the discourses of Physics; perhaps because its two orders of magnitude smaller, in its strength, compared to relevant forces, in a situation, that involves this small — but, significantly measurable force.

So, what’s a Coriolis Force?

I presume that most of us would be aware of, what’s centrifugal force. Its in this connection, that, a Coriolis force is most understandable.

So, what’s a centrifugal force?

A Centrifugal force, comes into picture, every time a centripetal force comes into consideration. A centrifugal force is the corresponding pseudo force, of a centripetal force. So, for every centripetal force there would be a corresponding centrifugal force.

So, we need to shed light on a few things, before we understand, what are Coriolis Force. We need to therefore discuss; what are pseudo forces and what’s a centripetal or a centrifugal force, then a coriolis force would be clearer, to the root.

So lets begin with Force.

Force has a basic standing in Physics, in connection to, in what frames of reference we need to measure such a physical quantity, as are all other physical quantities to be measured, have a significance, as to; in what frames of reference we are measuring these quantities in. More…


Optical Path and Fermat’s Principle. 4

In the last few weeks I am trying to understand why light traverses straight lines and why it refracts. The other day I saw a little mug floating inside a bucket full of water. Inside water any object would look shortened, a phenomena known as refraction. Thats because light rays would “bend” inside water (towards a direction where they have to take a shorter path) as their speed must reduce, given to the fact that in the same time in a rarer medium light would have traveled a longer distance in the exact same time, which is no longer possible due to the crowd of molecules and subatomic ghetto that it meets along its way. More…

My analysis of Odisha elections-2017 Reply

The concurrent election in Odisha just drew to a close and I did an analysis on the results available tentatively. Notice that there is no visible errors here even if I eg adjusted 854 to 850 and so on. If you add up the % figures they add to 100% perfectly — I simply did the calculation and applied no tricks, that means there is some simple pattern in the data which is the reason I made this post. More…

Inherent ability = difficulty * accomplishment. Reply

All of Physics is this “Inherent ability = difficulty * accomplishment”. Thats just intuitive but can easily be seen to correspond mathematically with the Principle of least action.

First the edifice: whats the problem? The problem is given you move in straight line when every direction is same around you, which direction will you chose? While you are waiting for a good answer from astrologers intelligent people already give a good hint. Think you have some inherent ability which is fixed.

fixed: which changes only if estimated wrong.

That inherent ability is actually action. Accomplishments are adjusted for difficulties, you waded through a swamp 5 meters you would have accomplished in sand 8 meters with that given inherent ability called action. Because action is abstract we have been sticking to time and path-length, but they are not as fundamental, they are merely specifics. More…


Aberrations; a lecture in Optics. 1

Optical systems are studied under two assumptions

object point does not lie far away from the axis of the optical system.

rays taking part in image formation make a small angle with the axis of the optical system.

The domain of optics where above two assumptions are valid is called as Paraxial optics. Paraxial systems are highly idealized and in reality do not perfectly represent the situation. The consequential errors in image reconstruction are known as aberrations.
The paraxial assumption can be represented by truncating at the first term of the polynomial expansion of the sin function by the Maclaurin series. More…


A c++ code for calculating pi value. Reply

Finally I am successful in calculating pi value — less than 0.3% error, by using random number generation. Although my computer needs some fixation on its compiler or path definition etc, there are very good online compilers which helps in testing and running c++ codes: try the given link.

Computing the value of pi using std::rand()
Enter number of trials: 10000
Enter number of random (x,y) points per trial: 10
pi = 3.14376 +- 0.00519107
average – exact = 0.00216735
CPU time = 0.004027 secs

Here is the code I found by searching a good deal on the web. Yes I did tinker around but only because my own compiler (Turbo C++ on windows 10, 64 bits) was throwing some exceptions on the included headers.

using namespace std;

double pi_estimate(const unsigned long points) More…

Gandhi Reply

Facebook has pointed out that India is now celebrating Gandhi Jayanti, a special day commemorating the birthday of Gandhi. What little I know about him indicates that he was a very wise man. Can you tell us about the holiday?
Hi Jeremy. Hope you are doing great. I believe you are in Alabama now.

Again thanks for asking me this. Pressed by the bound of time (predicated to take about 5 or 6 classes tomorrow) and its past midnight here, let me try to be as brief here in answering your query.

First off semantics. Jayanti literally means a “festivity day”. Its usually a celebratory day of the inception of an organization, institution, a tradition or observance or a famous person who the country likes to celebrate.

Evidently October 2 is the day on which Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi was born in Por-Bandar in Gujurat state of India, a contemporary of Albert Einstein. Gandhi was 10 years elder than Einstein so even if they were to be compatriots there was only a slick chance that they would have met in high-school. But its Einstein who had once remarked “Its beyond belief to conceive a man like this in blood and flesh”. Some such thing, I am just paraphrasing from mind. More…

The Mahanadi fiasco ! Reply

The Mahanadi fiasco (fiasco; hasyaspada bifalata)

issue; The large number of mega projects on Mahanadi have been on the offing and the government at New Delhi has already licensed such to take place in total disregard of the interest of the federal partner, namely the state of Odisha. As much as 88% of the river privilege will now be the monopoly of the state of Chhatishgad.

my nuggets.

1. In a federal structure, no one state has complete right over the resources, just because “it can”. Such as river, forests, cultural heritage, employment, residence etc. The government at New Delhi must ensure there is an egalitarian sharing of all state resources by all citizens of the nation.

Why? What-if Odisha lays claims to its colossal coal and other mineral resources? Lets remember there are only 2 or 3 states in the whole country which has all coal resources of the country in their domicile and Odisha is one. Its simply in our backyards. More…