1900 men learn to count, women raise voices on domestic matters, go jeans, less cooking

1905 Anus Mirabilis Enter the Einstein
1910 World prepares for First World War
1915 1 year into world war women go berserk of less sex
1920 Einstein recognized with Nobel prize, gets ready in 2 years
1925 A bunch of brilliant men changed course of world physics, quantum mechanics
1930 World is connected, true globalization, depression
1935 Worlds most brilliant and loved young guy Feynman was playing carom and studying physics
1940 Electronics, transistor and computer invented. Evil enters. Prepares worold for WW2, Feynman already into action
1945 ww2 was enacted by a lawless world; atom bomb was made as soon as it was dreamt
1950 World War 2 was a revolution and revelation, in how everyone was thinking. India and China were granted independence. People fighting in street was called independence struggle. Those who kept to their rest rooms were the politicians of later years. Gandhi met a tragic death while chanting “aram  haram hai”. Bahat aram ho gaya be. My father was the most handsome guy of independent India, borne 1948, he took exactly 30 years to produce me.
1955 Feynman was making good progress towards newer understanding of physical world
1960 Feynman proved every critic wrong, he was the greatest scientist ever, Einstein was recognized for his contributions to Physics, 40 years after Nobel Prize money was stolen by wife
1965 Feynman awarded the Nobel Prize, he nailed many women by this time, but only in dreams.
1970 Particle Physics in its peak…some   folks were still working on unification challenges, Hawking made brilliant insight into black hole and beginning of Universe
1975 My father got married, Hollywood folks never discovered him, some European lady had wished to take him to Europe with her, when he was borne, because that was when they were leaving the country, but my grand mother who had 14 children was unprepared. She later had only 4 as everybody else died of calamities and or moral depression.
1980 India had a political emergency; One family had ruined the dreams of a country of India’s size. Most of them got killed later. The only one who was never killed was the one who had started the fire. Oh, and I was borne, in a remote village in India, only a year old.
1985 All of my family was in place. We were short of a cricket team. India had won a world cup in cricket. People were always talking about congress misrule and corruption, India was grossly uneducated, I was baptized as a future day scientist. Some neighbor said I am going to be a great officer or a great bandit. He was a high school teacher. I always hate the high school teachers for that reason,  Hindi movies and cricket were always popular like they are now. India had less connection with out side world, may be true now, but people don’t see the bigger picture.
1990 I was in high school, unaware, intrepid and about to be sullied everyday.
1995 High school is never fun, it was always pressure to study well, but had tremendous fun. Always hear that Mumbai and Delhi are part of India. Quickly made chances to go around India. Loved a lot, always, inspired a lot always. At this age what was Feynman doing?
2000 World making great strides, getting connected more and more every other day. Quantum Mechanics is misunderstood again and again. After 70 years still incomplete. Physics is told like hymns. Everyone is worried about a job, a great deal of problems solved by me in college; mathematics was mastered tremendously in college. I am unmindful but always loved. Greatly inspired by scientists of world and India. Interacted with Asok Sen and Raja Ramanna. Visited Sir CV Raman’s institute. Greatly inspired to do research.
2005 Much of World seen and experienced by me by this time. Made great deal of contribution to my research assignment. Internet has become the bane of the world. E-commerce has given way to online sentiment. Problems of the America has been internationalized. Nobody talks about world war anymore. Its economic recession and opera shows.
2010 Hawking comes up with more. World has great scientists like George Smoot and Mather. Great scientific experiments are running around the world. The world has been bottomed up. If you are tall you take it up with Gravity not with your Professors. Professors are some kind of God now. Law does not take its own course now. Law takes the path of least resistance. I have seen half of United States and I am partly Japanese in my living. I am thinking my course of action for 3years now. I see some opportunities after blocks of resistance. Life is cool but fewer things to do.

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  1. Undoubtedly, one of the best article l have come across on this precious topic. I quite agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your coming updates.


  2. Simply, one of the best article l have come across on this precious subject. I quite agree with your suppositions and will eagerly look forward to your forthcoming updates.


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