Dwelling on Trend, Social affairs and what the scientists got to do.

Dwelling on Trend, Social affairs and what the scientists got to do.

A couple of days ago I rang up an old-time friend with whom I had an open discussion. I usually choose to keep quiet because I may not be well thought out and the prices will be heavier with consequences of gravitational splash. I neither like to drop nor like to spill, it’s an old time sports habit. I might do an accident and I do a lot. Papa!! Watch out, your 31 yrs old son is spilling coffee on his pant. Papa is a little oat eyed and then knows it’s a fix up to catch him while he is humored. I do that a lot, I love playing with senior citizen. Ma is more like ah, let me comb your hair.

So the friend notes that lately I have been showing up to be a bit more sentimental than usual, I am writing on all these social issues. He quips if this is so because I am about go offshore for another spell and the social scene might be cutting a little more importance. I did remind him though that I have been like this for like ever except the articles were not always in place. I got published in high school many times on poems that were originally my creation, in primary school on essays that I prepared from reading a couple or more books and wining a bit or two. But the social affairs were always a bit of what I was an outspoken critic of. I thought I better disclose that I have been having an interest in social affairs as much like a decade ago, the evidence of which I pulled out from my email archives and put on my word press blog site.

In these times when writing blogs have become a useful activity and people share their opinions, views and experiences, I have been writing on various things that may occur to me at the instant and if I am not completely out of peace, I do sit down to write. First of all writing is a favorite exercise lately although I am more of like a showman. How many of you have really seen me giving an action packed dramatic account of my thoughts about abortion and organization management, I am really funny when I do that but it needs much more than just a gut to say I have done this.

So I told the friend how its not just being sentimental, its actually action. To tell you the truth the friend expressed his intention to question the usefulness of writing as an action of change. I said look, this way we are more capable of bringing change than any social activist path of change many people believe in. I didn’t say so but I think much of social activism is a career and since they don’t focus on real issues but ones that are a swift path to social celebration and power they are bound to be the obstacles that are to be removed in the first place. How many social activists do we see who are actually opening our eyes to the gross negligence of rural health and city sanitation in India. None. But how many are actually drumming about the ones that have really no implication for what they are espousing.

I told the friend, the media would not run if it does not talk about the plight of Middle Easterners while most of the people I see from these places are happy go lucky and actually enjoying prosperity in their own countries than shown by the media. If you go to any remote village in India and the CNN makes a customized clip of the plight of these rural folks a lot of nostalgia and hysteria is bound to be generated. How many celebrities and political representatives would actually go and live there even for a month. I have social activist friends who were living in remote places in Odisha for a year after they had a shining academic experience in US, but these are a different issue and I may write about it more if I hit upon the subject again. But you go there for one day, meet the Kalabati and talk about her plight on prime television that’s political rabble rousing.

So, I told the friend, there are a million that would not care to know what’s happening around and his half an hour of talking to me over phone over this and my writing a good deal of articles on these indeed have an action associated with it. I said, where Stephen Hawking is located, as a matter of his activities, if he finds a minute to talk about something social that he could share with the world community even if its about a favorite TV show, its still a great deal of action. I thought so and in my mind I was actually thinking of how action is energy over a certain time so any action has to have some degree of EFFORT and some TIME associated with it. Hold on your humor pressure bubbles Dr Mark Pitt, but its implications may have more impact than you may actually believe. More people believe in the inspiring words of Einstein than the sulky violent ways of Hitler or any anti Semitic tyrant for that matter.

So we got talking more and he wanted to know my suggestions (I am more happy if I am producing advise) on his plans for charity towards some sort of social poverty. I said, look, I have done that plenty of time and if I may advise, abstain, for the love of God. I said with couple examples which he thought at first that if one gives out money one should be selfless. Now he entered my jurisdiction (a situation where I can give my judgment, very well placed reasoning against socially and traditionally hold dogma, a plethora of them, but I am ready any moment)

One of the example I gave him was how a so called poor guy took INR 200 from me, OK it was ten years ago, which would mean it could be like 800 to 1000 INR in valuation, if I am not incorrectly inflated. Is that an oxymoron, Paul Krugman? How about correctly flatted. So this guy never showed up to clean up the room for which I paid him. Actually my roommate, but it was my money, why do you care about so much detail? I investigated with my dull roommate who was also at the same time quite careless about his sexual vibes, he would wear pants without underwear to the classroom and needless to say it does not always look cool. People got talking and the embarrassment was that’s   Manmohans roommate. I enjoyed celibacy from when I was in standard VI so that was a bit of embarrassment.

It turned out that the guy who took money was a liquor addict. He would never return the money to anyone who he would take it from and rather not do the job, with the money, buying alcohol was then like free goodies from unsuspected graduates who turn up from quite many places. I found that this guy lived quite near to my dormitory premises. Its also a bit of sad philosophy that poor people must be allowed to build their homes anywhere, that’s why you see all these slums and so called occupied territories. More than that it gives everyone a huge sense of pride in falsely acquired honorability. I went asking for this guy and he was never present, at least that was the message the wife would bring from inside the house. I believed the message for couple times and then I gave a stern message to the wife. Now the lady showed her true colors. She literally said that their honor is not something I purchased because I gave them the money. So this was quite flimsy. If there is anything, she and her husband should have been shameful they took a big money, did not do the job for half a year and now they don’t even want to return it.

But ours is not a society like that. While I believe, sincerely, in human compassion this is socialist robbery. And it has a huge base the way we have made movies to propound our silly notions of independence, socialist philosophies and voice against reasoning, which is carrying to this day, and in populist compulsions our political representatives are not devoid of praising what’s wrong. You may criticize the western culture, but your goo is some kind of warm gourmet. Well, you know the only kinds that feed upon this and lets not go into uncivilized ways of humor slaps. I delivered a stern message to the lady, look I want my money in two days. My job hasn’t been done, give the money back. Somehow the liquor baron returned the money. Back then I didn’t, drink, so this money was spent for other purposes, undisclosed ones, actually I don’t remember what.

The other examples I gave to the friend did cut some sense and he was ready to share his plans in a future day action. So we parted ways for completing the remaining chores of the day. I usually suck up tea and write or browse the web, write insane tweets or bug people with humors.

In another recent conversation another chap who I knew from many years he wanted advise on obtaining a driving license in the state of California and I was quite sharp with my experience. Then it was about regular chitchat when he noted that he did not finish reading one of my recent articles on some India research. It was too long. He would another day. I reasoned, which is usually mixed up with self-humor, I write long on purpose to keep the more intellectually off from inflicting me with their intelligent remarks. But he had a point. Why not be succinct and precise. Who finishes another person’s blogs anyway? We browse like primitives and if we come across something gleamy, it’s a sight, or else cut quickly. So reading, writing and black humor, these are for people who belong to an antiqued generation, if that’s where you have received most of your inspiration, its only natural that you prefer that style.

Since I cant resist from writing a long account of seemingly (and may be truly) a banal account of a banal theme and a banal expectations, I continue to be that till my banalities are analyzed. That’s why they have the phrase, anal the banal, but it’s too much, nay.  For a soft reader.

Talking about the social affairs therefore, there are a plenty of issues now, for a India that’s oscillating like a multitude of Universe. Yes, Multiverse. Way back in 2002 or so I had remarked that India is actually like a several nations or even countries together. I had said that in two senses. One is the nation theory. India is much like the Europian Union. Many languages, many fine cultures but not one continent. May be our extraordinary visionary fore fathers saw reason in having this all put into one country. Called it India. But what’s in a name. You take a swift path in any conceptual idea, that this offers, the political shenanigans will begin to flow like an undercurrent of several schools of thoughts. And one group behaves like the bowling team while the other behaving like a batting team. Sometime we need a referee but we have Suhel Seth to our rescue. He makes unintelligible remarks like he did about Roy like she is the Full On Devi of Indian politics or something like that, its hard to pull any info from twitter once it’s a bit older. It obeys a physical principle, when you stack things on each other and there are thousands of them, and if you don’t specially write a small piece of algorithm that does pull out something, its unimaginably difficult to use some trick to pull out that swiftly. The computer will just take ages while rolling things one by one.

But I give one reasoning why free speech has never meant any harm to the national integrity of a vast nation like ours. Almost no process in the Universe is reversible. You can talk about having a world order but you may not realize that you are but just a tiny part of the tip of Gods penis. If God is aroused you may feel inspired to talk nasty but when he is not interested you are out of business, if you don’t like the God in that position being talked about replace Him by a Koala Bear. Pardon my sense of humor but I am an atheist and I have my fingers crossed, I am thinking. The other sense in which I had said it was like a mix up of race over thousands of years so that if you observe a little harder, his holiness Sai Baba may look like some one from Argentina and Neena Gupta may find a Rajni Kant in Vivian Richards. But apart from the great deal of anthropological variety in our population we never had a good school of research on people studies, in our Universities. When we had a Pandit Nehru, we probably didn’t need another Pandit in this country. Everything had to be named after him or his chosen ways. At least the mindless educationists had a great deal of eye on the fortune this would generate for a thousands of so-called scholars who never question. That’s one of the reasons why a scholar is also called a scientist. Actually it’s more correct why the reverse is true. The scholars that stopped asking became the scholar eminent but stopped investigating or bringing out the truth. So they can not be called scientists. A country’s fortune is shockingly bereft of its potential academic winners. So ours is in fact a multitude of nations or countries. Now since I did not open up my definitions of a country and nation, they are in line with their meaning. Nation represents a political idea, concept, and ideology and so on, A country on the other hand represents a people, their behavior, attributes, customs and so on.

I am not sure if you did not doze off while you have come to this level in reading this article at the same time understanding all the implications, because that’s the toughest part, I usually postpone everything I write, to be read, to the next year. Since I am a person of limited prospect and limited resources but believe that my vision is infinite I do not even get to review what I wrote except a few lucky ones. But this is not a colossal task and once in a while when I get a relief I do intend to read everything again to cut any unnecessary or unintentional linguistic shenanigans. Till then happy read.


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