The Vedanta Syndrome of the political one upmanship

The Vedanta Syndrome of the political one upmanship

Let me cut my usual drama on some of my articles to the end and come straight to the point, where it concerns the true state of affairs of my native Odisha. As many of you know, those of you who read my articles and those who may know me from any personal view points, I am originally from Odisha and it concerns me a lot when I see its present day affairs at least in the last couple of years when I have mostly been in Odisha.

When I compare the conditions of my state with a few that I have been to in other regions of India I don’t find Odisha completely out of shape at least the state capital Bhubaneswar. Its partly because I lead myself in an existential scenario which is not quite dependent on the day-to-day affairs of the state. In that situation the picture would alter drastically. So to rely on my own history of an original citizen of this region a decade ago I see a big change in attitude of the residents here, which is to say my attitude has much been like this, one of externally assertive and rabble rousing.

To speak the truth in its acceptable format I am much conservative as regards to my criticism of the true affairs. This is partly because I am sensitive to the culture and traditionalisms of this region and in fact of many regions of the country and the world. If I am iconoclastic its to derive a suave advantage of parametrising the scholarly description of a system of which I am a part myself. When the system gives me enough privileges this will be much clearer in my attitude. This is not to suggest I proclaim such privileges, this is to suggest my true inclination in writing anything. I want my articles to be taken with a swift implication of its intended description.

Why would I assert that the picture would change drastically if I were not the international scientist that I am or if I were not to move from the bounds of my native Odisha. Because the state in its primitive set ups is upping its ante as much it finds suitable although to be honest this is not an internationally acceptable practice. If the international scientist makes a vehement advocacy of scientific and technology exchange then he also must take some responsibility and advantage of experience of nativity to drive home the message that the best economic practice and liberalization are a must for all region of India if it were to accept the fruits of the so called free world.

The fact that we attain such pragmatism in leaps and bounds is a sulky phenomenon. And add to that the fact that we are an utterly happy nation or at least adequately rejoiced to enjoy the gourmet of liberalization and such is a timely yet temporal trend. We must resist the temptation if we are to take any massive advantage of trends of liberalization and fruits of capitalism. The picture would change if I were not to have an added dimension of experience and vision.

The children who are innocent and the future of tomorrow have a stake in the future of Odisha. Yes, I am thinking of the ones that are today the children and are indeed living in a free world as much as its acquired and incisively ascertained in the bounds of Odisha. Think of me couple decades ago. I did just fine. And impressively so. While I am critical of the rogue practices, its partly because I never condoned them. And by giving the failed and unprepared an equal and affirmative admission through back channels will back fire so critically, the nation would only to be blamed for its present practices and attitude towards its own affairs. Equitability and affirmative execution of such in societies is an age-old vision at least as its seen in the words of worldly visionaries. How they come up to be the spine of societies is a pretty much debatable affair. While you debate that, let me drop one more conjecture driven by my nativity. The culture and social set up of this region of the country is quite and entirely so, different from the rest and so also that of the rest from this region. While this gives an entirely different formulation of the practices of governance in this region, this is where the rogue may jump in.

He takes advantage of the ununderstood, under debated and the unattended. The rogue practices must be stopped. This helps the rogue regain his rightful share as ascertained by democracy and keeps the rest of us in sturdy health. But my points were not to be focused on the rogue so much while this is definitely an honorable and worrisome activity at the same time. My point was to preserve the innocent so that they may be the spines of a knowledge and prosperity based social community of the near future. The near future is only a decade away and do we not need to ascertain ourselves of our duties!!

We do and we need to take note of the subtleties as much as we do honor our traditionalism and socialism. And since the innocent is well prepared but has a character of minority what impact does it bear for the minor and for the major. It creates a situation where each needs the other but the composition is unbalanced. We have eg a huge base of Adivasis, the primitive natives, and the socially and economically segregated. Why the political conscience often chooses a religious description is something of a painful syndrome in my vision.

First of all the religiosity of any kind is only an eyewash. Neither the temple, the churches nor the synagogues are well prepared to understand the social inequalities in their true forms. When education is a drum that everyone likes to beat the religiosity aficionados can take a clue and make an invasive entry to sale the candies of religion. To quote my own tweets, Labor without education creates slavery; it does not take rocket science to see that, candies are sweet but they may keep a bunch of fools eternally fool and when they are devoid of a basic education their own fortune is a fettered affair, a bondage.

This is a social malpractice but those of you who find me too critical on religious principles here is a small reasoning. Hope it brings some peace to all. My point is lets have true education as a basically accessible goody to everyone in our communities. When I see children of the age of ten taking deep throats and verbal admonitions in performing a good job it makes me as unhappy as I could ever be, but there is no respite to my ill formed compassion. I have seen more and they are worse. Go to the regions where it’s a basic chore for everyone alike, an old blinded person and a young poverty child. They are also a destiny’s child, believe it or not. They need to survive.

Am I condoning a political, economic, social, religious or spiritual philosophy of an anti free world practice? My answer is what should be my action as a citizen who is “educated, free, unfettered but as dumb as the next guy is when it comes to the matters and problems of a social set up ” !! A question answered by another. But legitimate. I believe I can only use up my experience etc to make a clear case of the situation and leave the situation for the other functionaries. The fact that there are no such functionaries but only activists and exploitative regimes is a pretty clear scene to me. But lets stop there.

This is the social backdrop in which we must see the present incumbents of our Bhagya or as it translates into English, destiny. Our destiny makers (or fakers!!) as we may want to see them are not concerned about making a big change to our destiny partly because they do not have the capability and partly because they do not have the vision. The other part of the reasoning is they are not to be responsible for our mess. There yet is more reasoning, they are making an unprecedented effort at the cost of even their political career. Why do they need a career at the behest of rest of us is something that we need a direct explanation from those who are incumbent upon us.

They are self-serving and no matter how they would like to play it upon the rest of us its quite visible and the average citizen takes a very educated stalk of it. The ones that are failing us are the so-called intelligentsia, the legislative guardians, and the opponents. The ones that are also failing us are the ones that are supposed to be scholarly, which is to say, ones that should take a right stalk of the actual and factual conditions than the face book and Internet drumming.

Because, of all the people that are not supposed to buy half-baked political stories are the ones that are supposed to be educated and well versed about the practices of our societies. Often its seen when someone has a job in a multi national, a position in the premier academic institutions and laboratories around the world or a business that provides quite a shelter from the harsh uncertainties of life, only few of them have any interest in the political affairs that determines their destiny.

It’s then not a surprise that most of them may keep a stoic silence and a few come up with misleading remarks. One such I came across is one, in which its opined that the present incumbent governance set up in Odisha has brought marvelous changes to the conditions of the state capital Bhubaneswar. Truth can not be any farther than this. In my last couple of years I have had frustrating levels of experience in this city, despite of the fact that I mentioned above that I have lived life in the upper echelon, at least in how it matters to my taste.

I drove myself around the city on motorbikes and on inexpensive sedans and in both cases I have been far more astonished by the fact that a highway, a patch of the Golden Quadrilateral express highway, cuts the city of Bhubaneswaar into halves, 40, 60 buts that’s that. How can you have that? A highway that allows 100s of thousands of cargo carriers from out side and inside the state to run through the city. This has created a huge and immobile, fatally unsafe traffic inside the city and also affects all the traffic of the city to a distance of at least 10 miles.

A city that is world class at least in its design but mindlessly insane in how it functions because of an unyielding traffic. The traffic does not leave much room for safe driving and it actually influences the entire city of Bhubanaeswar. If you can drive here its because you have been driving for more than a year but this is not a good sign of governance. What did the incumbent government do to alter the plans of the highway? Please have a highway, which is at least 10 miles away from the outskirts, takes care of the villages by having an exit for the villages, have a ring road like they have in Bangalore and have a quality which matches the Mumbai Pune express highway.

Without that if you feed the bushey that you are providing unprecedented governance you are only drumming about your contribution. Lets not go into the details that this highway was built by governments that are not incumbent and the rest of the city avenues are soiled and in really bad shape. I have driven around the entire city so lets not argue about the true conditions. And the real posh areas are beautiful and there are a few modern coffee houses but what’s the contribution of the governance towards business set ups.

The POSCO and Vedanta University are facing major hurdles since 4 years or more. These are major deadlocks indeed. I believe they will always be in tenter hooks because all the political class needs is some major sensation and underhand cash supply to keep the political engineering from faltering. I hear from this mechanic guy that the present Government, led by the honorable and dishonorable chief minister is good for the so called farmer and villagers class. I added that also the Adivasis, because together all the three provide a huge vote market. If you can suavely manipulate all that and the so called NRIs who are the most stupid when it comes to any affairs of the state and nation because they are busy enjoying their newfound generosity given their financial fortunes made abroad through structures that they have no allegiance to except through suave jargons then you have a formidable political fortune in the state.

This is a very carefully yet unethically carved out political engineering and every now and then you will get to hear Number one chief minister, what happens to the state, Number 20 or some. That’s why when real development occurs it goes to a moderately balanced state like one with number 5 chief minister of the number 12 state. But the utter imbeciles in the forms of uneducated intellectuals of Odisha they only know how to shout, especially when the camera is on, or just put yourself inside some glittering attires and make a shiny face to the camera and discuss on the Jana Mancha. What else are you capable of?

Talking about the vote market strategies of the present political mafias, think Rupees two rice. The result is quite visible. I was moving around when I see these bunch of Two Rupee rice eaters are playing Cards in a group of ten, on a veranda right by some street of the city. That’s all they need, think about this. The Bhubaneswar city constitutes of a lot of villages. Some of these are utter nuisances. If you need some political trouble shooting you may need some of these people, they come in quite handy. Give them what they need, money, liquor, free rice. Why they need to find an employment if they find everything for free. And when a whole political party survives on such practices, then the drumming is only eyewash. I think now my article is getting longer than you may tolerate. If you want some humor go through the parenthesis or jump.

(((Everything that is honorable is also liable to be dishonorable, hence, I usually avoid the small honors and the big honors are the business of elites of whom I am never really a part despite of the fact how stylish I am, I am usually right handed stylish, a jargon that caught from my cricketing days, oops I missed, that corresponds to my batting style. The other styles involve, branded clothes, eyewear, cars, food and gas joints, oops they are all branded. But I also don’t mind an occasional non-branded stuff if you really want to make it a topic of my nature. Dahi bada, Egg masala etc. )))

So the Mega projects are actually meant to be major wild cards as a means of political destiny. If the matter gets out of hand play some of them. We are not only a majorly cockeyed nation when it comes to deciding the fortune of the country through political and business practices we also take immense pride in such, it has created a composition in the country which I always see through an eye of optimism. What if our education system caters to the needs of the entire mass, what if our few great and honest billionaires like the TATAs come to our rescue before the nation falters into unimaginable poverty. What if a truly enlightened person comes to vehemently advocate in our favor even when we don’t adequately recognize this, and I believe there are far too many, else I will be taken as a self promoting and self absorbed international scholar, which I am truly, I just don’t sign enough petitions, yours truly? May be this is acceptable but its just a minority syndrome.

I set out to talk about the political one upmanship of the present incumbent governmental spear headers and when there is any sign of danger there are plenty of Ninjas hiding everywhere to take care of such malice in our democratic notions. The syndrome is we have millions who like it to see the real parasites of our communities as our fortune makers and that’s malice as well. Because that is where the power channels the fame channels and the fortune channels are all centered. You need a piece of land in the state capital; there is no policy for that, at least as an equitable practice. Either you belong here or you get it through a tout and get swindled of a big amount then go to your Mothers brother.

And here is the drama …I possibly proposed at the beginning of the article.

That’s where the phrase comes, Mamu, cops are our mamu, because eventually they are the lovely guy, they may need a few this and few that but things will start moving. The governance system is our own reflection. To surmise before you start throwing an epithet, what a long article about nothing, my point is, there is no governance, make your own fortune and live a prosperous life. Take resort into each other’s benevolence and each other’s good will, because that is eventually what will take you to a betterment of your own destiny. But when you need to teach a lesson to a corrupt officer, a corrupt chief minister, a corrupt girl friend, a corrupt brother or even a corrupt boss, do so. When you need the Godfather, the Godfather can only serve you an article. Because more than that he does not have nothing. Happy Thanksgiving and May you all have the best.

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