Liberal Hindu*** (A conversation with a great friend)

My friend, Mr. Dash, Sir, I hope you have had a great Thursday. Please give Prime Minister Singh my best wishes.

I thought it was a special day for Singh, birthday or something, then I Googled and on Wikipedia find that its 26 Sept 1932, good, because that’s the day I know someone else was borne, so now since I don’t like that other person I can always come up with Singh’s name when that date is mentioned. Although with the added risk, that will make me sound like political, which I am not. I am just excessively humorous… Wanted to tell you that now it seems, my Texas a&m date is getting delayed. They want me to take up GRE and TOEFL; I think things are unnecessarily harsh on me…

An old story: bureaucracy. Do this. Do that. Etc. GRE/TOEFL – a snap for you. Keep heart!

A little week on idioms and phrases, I use it in the sense of rapping, miss something in speaking or music, did u mean by snap, easily doing something

Yes, my good man – easily done.

We must be alike.  I like late hours. You seem to like late hours, too. Time is 2.27 am there?

I woke very late today and yesterday. It was a marriage party of a good old friend from the high school, hell of fun, for couple days I enjoyed, food, drink and friends… So for these couple days I woke up like 2 pm, believe it!! By 7 or 8 clock I and younger brother, we took a rental car service and reached home town in couple hrs. I was for the whole week at the sister’s place. So I haven’t slept, up until now… possibly will go to bed after a while, I like working late when I am in a lab. At home, I usually sleep soon or not at all if i am writing an article or anything…

I normally work till 3 am. I get up around 10 am.

All my life, I have been so-called “night person” (as opposed to or vs. “morning person”). My productivity at night normally = high. My productivity in morning normally = low.

I see you are fun-loving guy! The old game of wine, women, and song – yes? no?

Your wife has gone to bed? Or is she still up, too?

I am not married, did u really think i am married, omg, will definitely tell u…

haha No. Just teasing.

I am probably wrong but assume Indian women are sexually conservative.

I became friends with Indian man at VT. Smart, nice guy. He is grad student at VT. His girlfriend is back in India. He visited India last summer and saw her while he was there. He expressed frustration about her conservatism. ***

ha ha ha, Indian women are not really conservative but emotionally  mature , Indian men are immature and desperate about oral sex, when that’s not the case which is also prominent they just don’t know how to handle women. They have to realize that women want something its called security, not words for security… and men especially Indian men far too often succumb to the vicious situation women produce… this guy, tell him to marry an American woman, having an outsourced woman from India is a bit risky now a days…

You say “outsourced woman from India” – haha.

You say, “Indian men are … desperate about oral sex.” Interesting. Why interesting? That was his complaint! – his girlfriend and future wife told him she would never do it.

Thanks for appreciating the humor; because things have changed drastically on ground and on air, India has become a economic bully although that (the economic power) they are r trying to utilize towards their own demise by not listening to reason… One thing about desperate about oral sex is a vibe I have heard so I know how Indian women feel about it. Just suck or get off like a slut… You expect me to spend a lot for you but you don’t expect me to get some fun, (((Now the other, other side))) its my experience that “Most Indian” women (read, I am completely Indian, I am sanctimony) are deceiving by nature, something that they may not like to hear, but they want to call men pigs and say men only want oral sex. The fact is when love nature of many Indian started (hi hi) a few years ago, women were desperate to give BJ, but then social problems like abortion rate, premarital sex, illicit affairs, infidelity and exploitation of the innocent had its impact, people who came from dignified background learned how to keep quiet and those who belonged to uneducated backgrounds had many different levels of undesired level of experience, sex and crime and revenge are still happening, last month there was an incident…

Definition of “sex” differs. Some say only vaginal intercourse is “sex.” With this definition, fellatio is not “sex.” I believe Bill Clinton used this definition of “sex” when he said, “I did not have sex with that woman.” (That is, she did perform fellatio on him but they did not have vaginal intercourse.)

My Indian friend said his girlfriend and fiancé would not have sex before marriage. I assume this means vaginal intercourse. And he said she told him she would never perform fellatio on him, married or not. But, short of vaginal intercourse and fellatio, he says they have been intimate (before marriage).

I am going to dinner now, my friend (it is around 5.00p USA east coast). You are a highly intelligent guy (needless to say). I really enjoy interacting with you.

Bon appétit, going to bed, so nice talkin to you, lets cont. again, may I publish all this on my web site on word press…

Bill definitely created an atmosphere of sexual humor, back when I was in college, our leaders can never be like that, in fact our society (here in India) is quite immature in that respect, they are not ready to have modern presidents, but our leaders many of them are actually caught on voyeur tapes, but then nothing is done to these silly bastards… Crime, corruption and lack of education is heightened and this time, guess what, economic progress is supporting the same in the name of OUR OWN. I think this is true about any society, but we are also outsourcing many concepts from Non Indian countries…

Bill was clearly trying to save his !..  (Or replace by ..! or the more correct !.! still precise OoO, Ass) but what’s so asexual about fellatio. One can ejaculate while getting a fellatio and one may define this to be a twosome masturbation, but with vaginal intercourse the sperm has a chance of getting the woman pregnant. That can not on its own qualify as sex because one can always take some protection with vaginal intercourse. The whole idea is being physically intimate. That’s enough. (Isn’t that)?

This not giving a fellatio to the man is kind of a trap for the woman as well for the man…  (((Why, because the woman is conditioned to giv the man what he wants, in this case emotionally trapped for socially conditioned to take Oral conjugation as a taboo, the man on the other finger, isn’t quite satisfied that he is not getting some basic pleasure so he may feel unsatisfied at the relation))) I believe they should have good sexual pleasure without inhibition, like beasts and produce some sex tapes to watch when they are away from each other…

Your “without inhibition” comment – I agree!

You are a good man    you have a good philosophy

No   may NOT publish damnit hahahaha    you are a good man   you really are   I like you

I see topic of Hawking/Einstein on your blog. I recently saw this program –

Program includes competition of Hawking vs. Susskind. What do you think of this competition?

***This new friend is Hindu. But he says he is that in name only. He takes name Hindu for respect of parents, who are Hindu and expect it. He is liberal and does not let Hindu name block his liberal initiatives.

There is a severe danger to change your namesake if you are Hindu, and usually its not meaningful either, after the change, Being born into different religion and belief and social customs itself is a matter of great learning. So eventually one who is getting his education in the USA its a tremendous opportunity for him to educate himself and change many perspectives he has had so far, The very fact that he is in USA is a great shift in that direction, but he is a novice, he is going to go through many turmoils before he realizes that …

I did not speak clearly – sorry! When I said, “took name,” I meant he does not really believe/practice Hinduism but only says he is Hindu.

Still generalized, I am a Hindu, but what part of me you would recognize as a practicing Hindu, being an atheist has its levels. Then there is plain human nature; if I am in some sort of isolation I have an immediate necessity to call myself an atheist. We really need some degree of honor for true atheists, because that’s achieved only when deeply religious people like me have turned into atheists… But education in itself and especially American education is effectively atheistic in nature (Christian, white majority and prominence of Jews in academia is a big exception, but lets keep that aside for a while) Indians Hindu nature has a big similarity to American cross sections of white Christians

Did I cross my bounds!! I am usually apprehensive. But one thing about India is, India is going through unprecedented changes, and this is actually happening like an explosion except this time its hindered a little by economic recession, actually there are quality issues and there are social issues, but India is always a favorite subject, after-all I have been educated in the US and professionally successful in Japan but I do recognize the changes in India.


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