What good is science for the average affairs of the world, lets do some talking.

It occurs in my imagination that some of the things that are not quite well received are pretty picturization of ones self-description and intensive self-gratification. But I believe it’s a mere ridicule of the thought to draw someone’s attention. In other words to tell someone he has had enough of it so he may as well spare some for some one else’s self esteem. As a matter of personal attitude I do not find this an honorable pastime to be subservient to another persons personal requirements.

One may have a poor attention, a poor focus, a poor philosophy and a poor physical satisfaction, they all cancel out in effect and what we see, we see a person, as one is, clarity and fundamental reasoning being two irrevocable basis of science itself. I can not give it up in the name of massive opinion. When its massive the general logic is you avoid hitting it, so lets cut the rhetoric, I am a Physicist; I study physical structures in my own head. Its another matter I may lose a few dimes in the process, the more I do the happier I am.

I have done pretty many nice things in my life, methodological study of physical problems whose answers were not written on any ones face that I interacted with, the ones including my own face, which I saw pretty frequently on mirror in disbelief, how you thought you could just work on it and find something quite interesting. The result was I did prove myself wrong, only through strenuous and critical understanding, not through critical analysis in any case. Analysis is what I am doing, now, understanding is pretty awesome. Try some.

They constantly came through trading the untrodden path, I know what the humor is, lets put them aside for a cozy evening in a warm Woodburn house. Infact that has become the central theme of how I have been living my own life. SO it’s not a hard to fathom Rocket Science, not anymore when I am into it. I have cracked myself, not for all times to come, but still I am rejoicing in timely pain relief. Its because all I am trying to do is work on my own life, to find a few significant clue of why I am more famous than I intended to.

It may occur to you as instantaneously as you drink your coffee, but hey I am the one who is providing that coffee, so you may demand from me some behavioral subservience if you want to even talk about my coffee house. But I believe after owning a great deal of reputation for being a suave MILF (Mother I would Like some Fun) I find it despondent to my own taste. If you find that a little stronger to your taste, have you tried a little Green Tea or wild mocha may be espresso, yes I have taken a lot of it which makes everything I feel and say a little too strong.

Since I prescribe a stronger type medication such as this, I believe I have a better reputation than most suave MILFs. And the way I release all these strong taste by reading out my own mind I believe I am giving you a vibe of getting rid of all my swanky qualities but its none of that actually. The first time I ever had, had wine was a morning rainy day in Japan, a sleepy time in a sleepy cozy town, which I so liked, it’s borne into my thoughts every instant in a million juxtapositions. I was only 24 and I was with the friendliest lady in the world, she was from Turkey.

Those who know her and know me know who I am talking about, Hulya Guler. We bicycled to a restaurant that serves 24 hours and we ordered some little white wine. I had wine, hajimete (that’s not the name of a wine, that’s saying first time in Japanese), as I gave up over my psychological inhibitions over a 3-year tussle in my head over what philosophies I have to give up. It wasn’t any easier. The truth I want to tell you though is what is characteristic of me, just give up the inhibition and enjoy. I have carried forward that philosophy in my life so many times and enjoyed so much that I am duty conscious to at least share the philosophy behind it, in the earnest trust that you may appreciate my sincere interests in telling you all this. This in another way is my autobiography.

What a type!! Self humor apart, in my self-conscious life manners I am an enthused alcohol recipient. Good old behavior, I remember my young days

(And I am writing from prison, why else would I tell you all the nicer things of my life, the world understands this, if we at least do not behave with him like he is in some kind of prison he is not going to yield. Yield MILF.)

See how you did not mind omitting that suave word. Only in praise can you remember to use that single word, which works wonder, those who give up sex, do not give up, necessarily, masturbation. Its because life works wonder even in basic minimum. That’s how we all have come up, to form our entire civilization, we started with meager resources, they built up and through wars, strife, civilizational blunders and mere blasphemy of the laws of nature we destroyed a great deal of fortune, at least we denied ourselves that which came to us, finding its ways.

It’s the territory of a few suave social economists, to enlighten us with what actually the social economic world line consists of rather than how it behooves every other enlightened gossipmongers, and so I give up here.

(I just took a dictum of the American dictionary to change my own ways in favor of a more sophisticated syntax)

My suave articulate ways come only when I am really into something.  And this one I am just doing as a habit, all habits are bad there is nothing called a bad habit, try telling that to some one who has quit smoking, God why do people love all nasty things, it arouses us all sexually, that is physically. But apart from that I lost it. Now back to my wine experience I didn’t get drunk enough that first time so the next day I went to another restaurant and in my suave Japanese skills asked the hotel kid, to serve me red wine. White was rejected. I am no Martin Luther Kind but it all helps in a spontaneous way.

Now all those kids working there were surprised to see me ordering wine as in the last 2 years I never did. It was always about trying to help out people with choosing vegetarian cuisines, with my suave Nihongo. Yasai Dake, Niku nuki de Onegaishmas. Anata kawai des, now serve us quick. It was fun. I still imagine those days. One time it was a bunch of us Indians some more fluent in their Japanese, they all lived in Tokyo and spoke Nihongo professionally. I was dramatic though. The few things I would say would come up like quite Nihon Jin. So everyone was elated but more so when I started counting THEM, my so-called girlfriends from year 8.

(A girl friend in my mind is a friend who is a female, I am as innocent as that, I am still a male progeny, right, YES, and that’s an offense)

So they served me the red wine, I came home and called up the friends, to play pranks on a specialized friend, he was always cut out for such pranks. So I gave him the drunken act by actually getting drunk. He wasn’t devastated but still thought I am in some kind of flow. He never understood flow but claims a lot of fluid dynamics knowledge, so I usually bunk.

The wine continued, as I always liked it. If I have to give up wine, I have to give up everything except the ones that are my true bread and butter. But I may find someday the real reason why I must give it up, others suggestions are always a whack for me. I took my wine love back to the USA where I enjoyed a great deal of other things. Most of it were just imagination. I have always been imaginative. Pretty awesome. And I loved it all, why else I would do it, I am always in some kind of make believe world, if I didn’t have that imagination I was going to think very lowly of myself, like most other people do.

Thank God. HE is awesome, not as pretty as I am, but still likeable. And note how I spell HE, I don’t want just one capital for God, I want all of it, most people did not agree with me, they never do, so I gave up instead, I cant spell the God like spoofs without some visible honor. I am already so disrespectful of so many things, almost everything you know. Boy I am not tired of talking. They all are happening inside my head like action is happening in Hawkings head.


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