The situation in India has changed for the better. We can avail what we could not, even 6 years ago. But to what extent.

I think quality and even quantity, remains a daunting concern. I think the question of access and pride in self have been adequately addressed but isn’t successful in achieving what I would or any average enthusiast would call excellent.

I think we fly airplanes everyday and we have swanky airports and malls almost in every rich city of the country, but we suffer from the malice of corruption and education density, so much so that our great strides of prospect have been marginalized by our greed for self accumulation.

Pretty soon I am traveling to yet another place to be, in India, so I will see for myself more, but given the hindsight I have gained in the last 3 years its not going to be much different for  getting back a service for the amount one spends.

And talking about spending, I think when one spends a thousand INR and gets almost no world class products or services for that amount and when ones thinks 1 thousand INR is nothing, I think we are in deep trouble.

Because the government has defined 1 thousand INR as a big amount (– through its visible calculations, take price of any commodity which is government controlled) while the underhand practices of the corporate  houses mean 1 thousand INR is good for just a hair cut or such a  temporal pleasure, (– or is it a necessity, ask APJ Kalam).

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