Met a old fellow on a train 11 years ago.

(No time travel, just reminiscing)

He was dirty and his clothes were torn out. He explained to fellow passengers. What’s Philosophy?

(The word for that in Sanskrit is “Darshan” which literally meant visible form or something like that, vision, anything related such as seeing something.)

SO he says philosophy means, to be able to vision, to see clearly with knowledge. I liked it.

I then thought may be “Su-darshan”

(Su is a prefix for “good” literally meaning good looking or as I just explained goodly visible: Handsome)

means a handsome guy is quite capable at philosophy: so a handsome guy must be a great philosopher.

I have come across a lot of people from very different places who thought I am very handsome, so that would mean I am a great philosopher.

And for the record I am a philosophy hater…Philosophy never sounded music to my ear.

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