Religious idea: “Don’t take offense”. my idea: take offense it may clean you up. 1st one is written on a church gate in Blacksburg, VA: 600 prices fork, Luther Memorial Lutheran Church. This line always impressed me. So I remember it 9 years after I saw it (correct me if I am wrong on the time)

 I am a latter day Scientist. Why I call myself that. There are about 50 “chyrches” in Blacksburg for 60,000 people. But they also have a church called Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Sounds to me like a Hermitian or a transpose local gauge theory congregation.

 I am a herectic, here is a topic for comparative religion and sociology students: The artificial insemination of Hinduistic religious doctrines in post-economic-liberalization in India inspired by the religious structures of Western societies.

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