(translated by me from what the guide explained to me in Hindi about the Amer Fort in City of Forts and Palaces, JaiPur)

Amer Fort as explained by Guide (local man)

What does the guide explain.

This palace we are looking at is known as Amer Fort. Its speciality is that it represents Hindu and Muslim cultures at the same time. (Maha?)Raja Man Singh’s sister Jodha Bai was married to Emperor Akbar. This palace was built in the 16th century, 450 years ago, while building the palace itself took time. This was built in 137 years by 3 Kings in their respective generations. It took long as there were no constructions Machines in those time.  Construction started in 1590 and ended in 1727.

The first among the Kings who started building this palace was Man Singh, the brother in law of Akbar. The successive King was Jai Singh I and the third King was Jai Singh II. Do you know Sir, who King Jai Singh was, he was Sawai Jai Singh, who finished this palace and built the city of Jai Pur. He completed the palace with three parts. The tourist who wants to visit the palace completely may need one day.

This most beautiful feature of the palace has three names, one is First Part of Palace, the second is Mirror palace or “sheesh mahal”. Have you watched the movie Mughle Azam SIr? (Me: I don’t remember  if I have!!) There is a musical in it “Jub Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya”. A movie set was replicated in Bombay, in that the Bed Room of the King and Queen was called “Deewane Khas” , this is the third name of Mirror palace.

Raja (Kings) and Maha Rajas used to have their meetings here or go for walk. But this has been closed as some indisciplined tourist and some citizens of the city removed the glasses by using their finger or their pen. Was it being recorded?, well keep on, moving.

(Me: And what is the one here, pointing my hand)

Yeah, these are the Horse Stable, have a look at the bottom, Can you see the Coca Cola logo, there that’s the Horse Stable and the windows that you see upstairs those are Soldier barraks, Here the Government Administration now puts up the guards and their families. And the surface where you are walking this used to be the Parade ground. In old time it used to be plane, but the Government put gardens and fountains which did not make much revenue so that was also removed to place light and sound shows.

Is that alright brother (to stop here, Me: Yes)

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