There is a famous saying which is ascribed to the famous scientist W. Pauli. He was an early inventor of Quantum Mechanics. A brilliant chap. Really one. He had come up with a brilliant 1/2 liner: opposed to all those 1 liners. It’s called “It’s Not even wrong”.

Which means it’s so illogical and inconsistent that it has less honorability than something which is wrong. [Don’t apply that to your love life, Your girl friend says she is a little beautiful, don’t jump off the wagon and say, it’s not even wrong]

SO There is something which is “Correct” then there is “Wrong” and then there is “Not even Wrong” it’s like your score index, A1, Pass, Fail.

So you have a question and you are often led to an answer. Then there are questions which are often not leading to anything conclusive.

(Often is used up twice, so I haven’t normalized it’s usability, in the later case it may be so, that they have equal occurences)

Then there are answers that are just there even when no one asked a damn question. SO some answers lead us to contemplation and we seek out the questions.

(this is a very imortant character of science, like you see a rash skin, that’s the answer, what’s the question, it’s “hey what’s that damn red spot on my skin?  You don’t ask such a question and wishfully enough get a rash, this is a reversed situation no one has ever told you, have they?)

There is an article here in this site “sometimes there are no questions” but I don’t recall what I wrote there.

SO we apply our yardstick of “correct” , “wrong”, “not even wrong” to situations where there are questions leading or not leading to answers and answers leading or not leading to questions. But has there ever been a situation where you don’t know what’s being talked about. The yard stick with three measurement points fail. Welcome to Religion.

Religion is not even “not even wrong”. Why, because religion does not have questions (it does not allow) it does not have answers. There is no chance of being 1. correct, 2. being wrong, 3. being not even wrong because it does not sit on the precinct of a question and an answer.

RELIGION is full with DICTUMS. Dictums are neither questions nor answers leading us anywhere. It’s a dead-block to reasoning. It has got to be not even not even wrong.

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