Once the famed emperor Akbar (the great) ordered his citizens for establishment of a pond. Birbal (his most clever employee) instructed them to pour milk over night so the pond is filled with milk instead of water. The following morning the pond was found to be an ordinary water body. Everyone thought the rest of us is going to pour milk, my water contribution is going to be undiscovered.

Similar is the story with doing science. Everyone is thinking I don’t need to do the hard work. Everyone else is doing it, no one will notice my sloppy contributions. “Why are you so concerned about the management and book-keeping, Sir, your expertise will be a true value” Expertise or no expertise the answer is “You see, my expertise has been awarded with so and so, an honor from this body, a reaward from that organization, but no one is willing to do the management, book keeping, public relations and outreach, I have to sacrifice my career prospects’

(at the age of 65, someone is thinking of career prospects, that itself must have been a brilliant career, like all the citizen who poured water in the pond, ha ha)

But see everyone has taken that convenient approach to doing science, so the next decade if you check the status of the science pond, there are 95% managers, accountants, public relation officer and outreach mavens (like Michael Kaku) but less than 5% of John Mather and George Smoots and even the guy who wants to toil to write all the codes that you use for free in your science lab.

Corrigendum?: That’s Mikio Kaku not Michael Kaku

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