You surf the last ten years electronic and print archives: You will see there would be at least 1 world-wide discussed apocalypse every year in this form or that form some of which was blown out of proportion and cited with filmsy grounds. Why the apocalypse angle is a favorite religious dictum and why this is drummed up every now and then, despite it’s obviously fake colors?

One: there is a large audience that are a consumer of such a drumming, little realizing the unholy colors of religion and why such is to the benefit of church powers. Once the fear and other emotional centers of such an audience is riled it’s easy to feed God. It’s also easy to feed retrograde religious dictums.

Two: It brings immense popularity to it’s proponents which are otherwise fading away from popular consciousness.

Three: It helps a power sharing balance even between the powers to be of different church faction, so it’s rather a church or religious compulsion.

Four: It’s a traditional compulsion given the canonical heritage of religious practices derive from the scriptures and the scriptures are often filled with dark blended dictums of various kind (not just the Christian faith, but even look at the Indianic scriptures, in various cheap forms and levels these are fed to popular psyche.)

Five: How many of them ever come out to be true even in a faint proportion. But the popular choice is to consume such malformed paranoia because there is a Tsunami here, there is an earth quake there, there is a large-scale exodus for a geographic condition, this and that, it always helps the cause of religion to spread it’s wings by capturing the paranoia stricken population and implement subversive religious dictum based agenda.

If it turns out that there really is no world-wide destruction or apocalypse on May 21 will Harold Campbell lick a shit hole or a shit cracker? I know it’s not even expected from religious bigots.

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