Alrite, I got up early today as I already had some nice sleeping hours. It is always a pleasure when you can take your bed at-least a few hours so any oncoming schedule is not beaten out of shape like mashed potatoes or orange kupakula (that’s a word I made up, In a world where we produce massive amount of just about anything we want to, the human race, it has never failed to produce)

I would have gotten a few more hours of uninhibited sleepo-deepo… if not it were for two reasons that I woke up. Reason number 1 I have a medical check up comin up this mroning for which I commuted a couple hrs but have been dilly dallying it to the next best morning, which is today.

The reason two which I may call a raising your ability to not sleep or to break your sleep whereever in your sleep line up you were, not respecting the rules of dream, illusion, wishfulness cooking nothing of any of the kind.  NOISE. Noise that would make you feel you are the one who is causing all the trouble in the world after Osama Bin Laden killed himself in sponsored madness.

But the two reasons fitted so well with each other, they literally compensated for each other’s mercilessness…

My kiddy niece has to go to school. Her mama, my sister yells at her. Get uo get up, getta up, getto up, getttttt  uppppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauoooooooooooooo.

She was producing a tankful of words, God how does she manage her breathing?

Get upppprrrrrrrsppppppppppppppsooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The kid wasn’t even blissfully aware for such a incoming danger. Kids have a great thing at work, a psychology of ignorance if you will, at work more efficiently if they are sleeping. And this kid literally goes to “alice in sleepcreek, dream tree avenue”

I had to change my psychology of ignorance level to yellow, danger averted. Involvement solicited. Couple minutes later, the mothers left, the kid is still blissfully unaware.

I intervene in marvelous inspiration of my abilities to invent trouble-shooting. I say “kiddy, get up, papas comin up with a big stick”…bam the kid wakes up like there is some kind of switch some where.

I am notoriously unknown among my peers for not being a smart out of the imagination trick-maestro, tricks that work like charm. But I am just getting older, to believe that I can lead myself in to the wrong avenues. I can lead myself to self-doubt and despair that no one sees fitting to my character.

I am a gifted charming young man who has realized either his time is up or this is how it will go before he realizes its all over for a brighter day.

Now that I am up I am thinking entertaining snippets all of it’s own just bustling out of my imagination. I am a charming young man.

And I can not give you any explanation for my thoughts. I am thinking of boobs. I am thinking Oh boobaneswar. You crazy little human junction. Oh yeah pretty fine. Talking of boobs and cities you can really connect any city in the world to the phenomenon of boobs. Try it at home.

Lets  see, Delhi. Why would you pop such a diffcult city for such a nice feeling called bb**bb?

Well Deli? Oh OK?? What kind of delis you like? I go for pickles of all kind in my deli. Oh yeah?? Sweet isn’t it?? Yeah you bet ya. Nothing sweeter than pickles. (but where does boobs figure? They don’t you invent them!!) Hey are there these deli joints in Delhi? Yeah couple of them in Connaught place…gorgeous women of all texture and all sizes. There you go Deli and Bhubaneswar are cities where you can invoke the boobs at the will. Got ya.

Hey ney york city, try that for a difference. Yeah what about NY city. It comes out of Hudson tunnel, ain’t it? Yeah. But we ain’t lookin for that. We are lookin for you know what. Hang on there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You drive into the crazy madness. You kidding me a few blocks in an hour a tortoise would laugh at you. Make yourself faster than that, but that’s not a choice in NY city.

Hey pull over, I gotta pee. OK let me do at … avenue. Hey look, George Boosh? I thought you would show me me some stuff around here. Nah we won’t find it here. Let’s move to the next block. Ah here. George boobs… yey. Blondes and boobes they never despair you, they never despise you and you can find them anywhere in the world. They are made for sight seeing. Good lord they are hidden and multiple layers of textile takes care of the push and pull. Let them go and swing like Focult’s pendulum and you will forget all your despair for a while.

So literally every city, ah? Yeah you can make it up.

Hey give it a little twist. Go to Tokyo. And let’s go there. Kochira wa Tokya eki desu. Kono mae ni ..sekai no ichiban … hhh masu. Kono … wa chuite kiku. Tokya wa hitobitotsu ni …tamasyo. Kono bai ni onna kara dansei …betsu betsu chimasu. mmn to line wa nnnk kara maso. Dojo. What the hell is not obvious here men stand in a que and women stand in another. It has to do with boobs. Look at ya, sick jokes.

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